New Springfield 380s and 9mm Pistols


Hi, I’m Todd Woodard from Gun Tests magazine. I’m here with Stephanie Reis, who’s the brand communications manager for Springfield Armory. She’s gonna tell us about a couple of nice new guns for the 911 platform, which was introduced last year. Stephanie?

Stephanie Reis: Yes, we’re so excited to have two new models that we introduced here for SHOT Show. The first one being the 9 millimeter version of the 380 that we introduced last year.

So that one I can show you here. Very similar to the one that comes in 380. It has G10 grips, G10 trigger, AmeriGlo’s Pro Glo tritium front sight, so it really picks up quickly in just about any sort of light condition. Really quick sight picture acquisition there. Let’s see what else. We have ambidextrous safety, we have this golf ball texturing – what we call Octo-Grip texturing on the front and the back straps so it really gives you a comfortable grip without tearing up your clothing if you’re going to carry it concealed.

And of course it comes in 9 millimeter for those that prefer a slightly larger caliber than 380.

Todd: You also have a more affordable 380 option this year, the Alpha.

S: Yes, we do. So for those who still prefer the 380, this is our 911 Alpha. This is new for SHOT Show, and what’s really nice about this is that it’s a 380 but it has a very friendly price point. MSRP on this is $429. It has polymer grips, a polymer trigger, fiber optic front sight…so really you get all of the quality features that you expect in your concealed carry and in a product from Springfield Armory, but without the expensive price tag. You can still get all those great features.

T: Stephanie, thank you very much for running those through for us.

S: Thank you! Yeah, absolutely, thank you so much.

T: We hope they do well for you.

S: Thank you!


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