New Taurus 85 View Revolver Has Clear Sideplate


( — Taurus is introducing an unusual revolver in 2014, the 85 View, a radical departure from the typical snubnose 38 Special. The +P-rated View has an exclusive clear-view Lexan sideplate that reveals the inner workings of the firearm.

Taurus Holdings President & CEO Mark Kresser said, “Many new and exciting changes are continuing to take place behind the doors of Taurus these days. Some of them may not be so obvious to the naked eye, yet others will let you take a look into the heart and soul of our company and our products.”

The revolver’s contoured grip and frame ensure a slim profile. It’s available in 38 Special with pink or matte-stainless finish and DAO operation. The 5-round cylinder is titanium, and it sits inside an Ultra-Lite aluminum frame. The View revolvers will have 1-inch barrels, measure 5 inches in overall length, and weigh only 9 ounces. A fixed front ramp and rear notch are standard sights, and both have polymer checkered grips.

The #85VTA has an aluminum alloy frame, and the #85VTAP is the pink-frame version.


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