SHOT 2022: Is the SCCY the Limit for New Gen3 CPX Pistols?


SCCY offers both hammer-fired and striker-fired pistols chambered in multiple calibers with an array of colors to suit your style.

With subcompact sizing, each firearm is easily concealed for everyday carry. Who doesn’t love choices?

Whether you’re a no-frills traditionalist, or you’re looking for a firearm that reflects your individuality, you can depend on SCCY to deliver a pistol that is ideal for personal defense and Engineered for Everyday.

The CPX series is a Double-Action Only line of pistols chambered in either 9mm or .380 Auto. All CPX models are available in a wide variety of colors.

Interviewer: Joe Woolley, Gun Tests Contributing Editor
Company Representative: Chris Cerino, Marketing, SCCY Pistols


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