VALUE GUIDE: 1911 Pistol Ratings

ARTICLE: May 2019
Colt Gold Cup National Match O5870A1 45 ACP, $1190 A Our Pick. The National Match Colt is the most accurate of the five handguns tested.
Colt Series 70 01970A1CS 45 ACP, $865 A Best Buy. The least expensive tested, but it could be the best carry gun for the money.
Les Baer Concept VI 45 ACP, $2290 A- It wasn’t faultless; we dinged it for a sharp edge on the safety.
Colt Bright Stainless Government O1070BSTS 45 ACP, $1549 B- Flawless fit, finish, and build quality. Slippery grip isn’t easily addressed.
SIG Sauer Traditional Match Elite 1911T-45-TME 45 ACP, $1050 D If you’re willing to do some light gunsmithing, move the grade up to B.
ARTICLE: February 2019
Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced TB 96339 45 ACP, $675 A A well-outfitted gun for the money. Consider the threaded-barrel model over an R1E.
Kimber America 1911 Warrior SOC 3000253 TFS 45 ACP, $1309 B- The Bobcut offers a crisp trigger pull and bobbed grip for better concealment.
American Tactical Imports ATIFGX45 FX1911 45 ACP, $525 F We had ongoing function problems when the suppressor was fitted to the gun.
ARTICLE: October 2018
Metro Arms Co. MAC 1911 Bobcut M19BC45C 45 ACP, $746 A The Bobcut offers a crisp trigger pull and bobbed grip for better concealment.
American Classic Commander ACC45C 45 ACP, $568 A- Our only ding is the lack of a serrated front grip strap.
Taurus 1911 Commander 1-191101COM 45 ACP, $459 A- The trigger was a bit too heavy, but the sights are good. Great fit and finish.
ARTICLE: April 2017
RIA Tactical 2011 w/TruDot Night sights 45 ACP, $590 A Best Buy. Light rail, good barrel fitting, TruDot night sights, ambi slide-lock safety.
Springfield Armory TRP PC9108LP 45 ACP, $1347 A- Good fit and finish. The Match Grade barrel lived up to its name. Reliability was faultless.
EAA Witness Elite 1911P Polymer 600347 45 ACP, $470 B- Least accurate pistol off the bench. Magazine latch could cause dire consequences.
ATI Firepower Xtreme Hybrid FXH-45 45 ACP, $600 D We could not convince the pistol to fire without a trip back to the factory.
ARTICLE: June 2016
Kimber Gold Match II 45 ACP, $1311 A Offered an excellent trigger action and was more accurate than the Springfield.
Springfield Armory TRP PC9108LP 45 ACP, $1347 A Best Buy. The Springfield offered excellent reliability and good accuracy.
ARTICLE: April 2016
Colt Rail Gun 01070RG 45 ACP, $1199 A An all-stainless 1911 with Novak sights, ambi safety, and a rail. Excellent.
Springfield Armory TRP PC9108LP 45 ACP, $1347 A Our Pick. This is a first-class 1911. Excellent reliability, accuracy, and night sights.
Springfield Loaded PX9109LP 45 ACP, $790 B We rated it down based on the lack of an ambidextrous safety.
ARTICLE: August 2015
Colt’s Mfg. Co Series 70 O1970A1CS 45 ACP, $953 A Excellent trigger action, good accuracy, relatively light weight for a steel-frame 1911.
Colt’s Mfg. Co 1991A1 No. O1991 45 ACP, $745 B+ Accurate and reliable. Some of the 1991A1 pistols have a nicer trigger than ours.
ARTICLE: July 2015
Colt’s Mfg. Co. Gold Cup Trophy O5070X 45 ACP, $1249 A- Excellent trigger action, good accuracy, and sights that offer good adjustment.
Metro Arms Co. Bullseye M19BE45C 45 ACP, $1294 B Ramped barrel, ambi safety, good sights, and one of the best factory triggers.
ARTICLE: May 2015
S&W 1911 E-Series SW1911TA 108409 45 ACP, $1399 A The SW1911TA was Our Pick over the very good SIG TACOPS.
SIG Sauer 1911 TACOPS 1911R-45TACOPS 45 ACP, $1213 A Accuracy and handling cannot be faulted. Reliable, accurate enough for any task.
Ruger SR1911 CMD-A Model 6711 45 ACP, $899 A Good looks, decent accuracy, a good trigger, and nothing that doesn’t belong.
ARTICLE: April 2015
Colt Mfg. Co. Commander XSE O4012XSE 45 ACP, $940 A Consistently the more accurate handgun. Ambi safety, forward serrations, frame cut.
Remington R1 Commander 96336 45 ACP, $573 B This is a traditional 1911 Commander with no extraneous features.
ARTICLE: November 2014
Shooters Arms Mf’g Commodore CIA HG1009-N 45 ACP, $429 D Not reliable with hollowpoints and showed annoying quirks with the original slide lock.
ARTICLE: October 2014
Kimber Tactical Pro II 45 ACP, $1317 A Kimber’s quality control and attention to detail really shine in this pistol.
SIG Sauer Carry Scorpion 45 ACP, $1213 B+ Quite accurate. Cerakote coating, frame rail, and G10 scaled grips were good features.
ARTICLE: August2014
Ithaca Gun Co. M1911-N #1911-C45G10 45 ACP, $1799 A Excellent fit and finish, flawless operation. Holds its own against similarly priced 45s.
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