Devil Dog Arms 4.25 Standard DDA-425-BO45 45 ACP

The Devil Dog 4.25 Standard features a distinctive look and credible performance. The Devil Dog is big on features, such as forward cocking serrations and a pleasing 22-lpi frontstrap treatment. Of this set of five, this gun makes the most sense for real-world concealed carry.




This is a recent price at The Devil Dog Commander 45 is a distinctive handgun. The pistol is manufactured with forward cocking serrations and a flattop slide. The frame is cast, while the slide is forged steel. The flattop slide is attractive in a manner formerly reserved for much more expensive handguns. The pistol is supplied with Kensight sights, which are similar to the Novak in profile. The pistol seems well made. This is the only handgun tested without night sights, which helps it be the least expensive.

Action TypeShort recoil-operated locked breech, single action
Overall Length7.75 in.
Overall Height5.5 in.
Max. Width1.25 in.
Weight Unloaded35.0 oz.
Weight Loaded39.4 oz.
Slide MaterialForged steel, domestic 4140 barstock
Slide Retraction Effort19.0 lbs.
Receiver MaterialCast steel
FinishBlack oxide
Front Strap Height2.6 in.
Back Strap Height3.2 in.
Barrel Length4.25 in., 1:16 LH twist
Grip Thickness Max.1.25 in.
Grip Circumference5.37 in.
MagazinesTwo 8 round
Rear SightFixed drift-adjustable Kensight
Front SightDovetailed post
Sight Radius5.7 in.
Trigger Pull Weight4.75 lbs.
Trigger Span2.8 in.
SafetiesSlide lock, grip
WarrantyLimited lifetime
Telephone(855) 433-2767
Made InUSA
The Devil Dog was among the most popular handguns tested. It is pleasant to fire and use. The shooter, not the gun, is responsible for a bullet outside the excellent rapid-fire group at 7 yards.

The slide-lock safety is well fitted. The beavertail grip safety releases its hold on the trigger about midway into compression, as it should. The trigger is smooth with a clean break at 4.75 pounds. This weight remained constant throughout the test, as we re-checked the trigger-pull weight on our Lyman scale at the end of the test. The Devil Dog pistol is supplied with two Mec-Gar eight-round magazines with base pads.

The front strap is nicely finished with 22-lpi checkering. This checkering, combined with the G10 grips, makes for excellent adhesion and abrasion. Some of the raters thought perhaps the 1911 front-strap angle or bevel had been changed by Devil Dog, but it had not. It simply feels different due to the checkering design. This is a competent treatment we recommend for duty use. A Commander-length handgun is traditionally a 4.25-inch-barrel pistol with a standard barrel bushing. Like the other 1911s, the DD’s barrel bushing is tight, but not so tight it demands a tool for field stripping. The Devil Dog pistol is finished in a black-oxide coating.

We liked the Devil Dog’s grips. They are fairly thin, which is good for concealed carry, and they leave nothing to be desired for adhesion and abrasion. Its frontstrap checkering is well done and adds to the pistol’s combat ability.

The testing was begun with the same loads used in the other pistols, and the same regimen. While the Commander kicks more than a Government Model due to its lighter weight, we did not find the pistol uncomfortable to fire during the test. The sights are not up to the Heinie Ledge/Straight Eight standard, but they proved useful even at 100 yards. During the firing stage, we had one inexplicable failure to lock open on the last shot. We are calling this shooter error because we believe the shooter rode the slide lock with a thumb. The pistol gave good results without a single failure to feed, chamber, fire, or eject. The Devil Dog Commander handles well, and there were no complaints with the controls, sights, or trigger.

This is a service-grade handgun costing one third the price of the high-end pistols, and we did not expect match-grade accuracy. As one of the raters noted, the Devil Dog is considerably more accurate than the Colt Series 70 Commander he carries on a daily basis. The Devil Dog was accurate for a Commander 1911 pistol.

We liked the Devil Dog’s barrel bushing fit. It is tight but not too tight. The Devil Dog and the Springfield shared forward cocking serrations.

As an example, the Devil Dog is more accurate than three out of four 45 ACP Commanders we tested in a previous report, but not as accurate as the Desert Eagle 1911 45 tested. We cannot say we struggled with either recoil or accuracy with this handgun. It is the lightest handgun tested; the Guncrafter Industries Commander pistol with its bar-stock parts and light rail and mag well was heavier.In this test, the Devil Dog is the equal of any 1911 Commander we have tested, with flawless reliability. The handling is good. As a carry gun, the Devil Dog is probably the preferred pistol of the test. In combat accuracy and speed to an accurate first shot, the Devil Dog may have led the way out to 7 yards, but after this, the longer-barrel handguns pulled away by a margin, and the superior trigger and sights of the Guncrafter also gave it an advantage.

Our Team Said: In absolute accuracy, the Devil Dog trailed the pack, but it isn’t an inaccurate handgun. With groups of 2.4 to 3.25 inches at 75 feet, the pistol is clearly more than accurate enough for personal defense. After three months of testing, we noticed the finish was worn in some areas. This isn’t a handgun meant to be a safe queen, but the finish of the other handguns has not worn similarly. We rated the pistol down a half grade on finish wear, but we would buy this handgun.

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45 ACP Range Data.xlsx

Fiocchi XTPHP 200-grain 45XTPB25Dan Wesson 1911 HeritageSpringfield Armory Loaded OperatorNighthawk FalconDevil Dog 4.25 Standard Guncrafter Commander
Average Velocity970 fps954 fps951 fps899 fps922 fps
Muzzle Energy418 ft.-lbs. 404 ft.-lbs.402 ft.-lbs. 359 ft.-lbs. 377 ft.-lbs.
Small Group1.8 in.2.0 in.1.5 in.2.2 in. 1.4 in.
Average Group2.4 in.2.5 in.2.0 in.2.7 in. 1.8 in.
Hornady Custom 230-grain XTP +P 9096Dan Wesson 1911 HeritageSpringfield Armory Loaded OperatorNighthawk FalconDevil Dog 4.25 Standard Guncrafter Commander
Average Velocity919 fps907 fps903 fps867 fps880 fps
Muzzle Energy431 ft.-lbs.420 ft.-lbs.416 ft.-lbs.384 ft.-lbs. 395 ft.-lbs.
Small Group2.0 in.2.2 in.1.7 in.2.4 in. 1.6 in.
Average Group2.4 in.2.6 in.2.1 in.3.0 in. 2.0 in.
Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 230-grain GDHP 23975GDDan Wesson 1911 HeritageSpringfield Armory Loaded OperatorNighthawk FalconDevil Dog 4.25 Standard Guncrafter Commander
Average Velocity855 fps839 fps828 fps810 fps780 fps
Muzzle Energy373 ft.-lbs.359 ft lbs.350 ft.-lbs.335 ft.-lbs. 311 ft.-lbs.
Small Group1.9 in.1.8 in.1.6 in.2.6 in. 1.7 in.
Average Group2.4 in.2.4 in.2.1 in.3.3 in. 2.0 in.


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