Providence Police Convert to Smith & Wesson M&P40 Pistols


( — The Providence, Rhode Island Police Department has chosen to equip each of its officers with Smith & Wesson Military & Police (M&P) pistols for duty use. The department has received 510 Smith & Wesson M&P40 pistols chambered in .40 S&W and has begun the transition process to the new side arm.

The Providence Police Department will replace currently issued, non-Smith & Wesson firearms supplied by a European manufacturer with M&P polymer pistols made by Smith & Wesson. During the Department’s open selection process, the M&P40 received high marks on officer evaluation forms for the pistol’s ergonomics, operating controls and reliability. The M&P pistol was also noted for its ambidextrous controls and the ability to customize the grip size of the pistol to meet each officer’s requirements. Smith & Wesson is providing the agency with a variety of additional services including armory training and technical support.

Throughout the nine police districts in the city of Providence, the M&P40 will be used in a wide range of applications and will be carried by both uniform and plainclothes officers. With its lightweight Zytel® polymer frame and black Melonite® finish, officers can carry the pistol both comfortably and discreetly. Additional features of the M&P pistol include: an accessory rail for tactical lights and lasers, a M&P Tactical rear sight with Trijicon tritium night sights, a reversible magazine catch, a contoured front slide for easy re-holstering, an enlarged trigger guard designed to accommodate gloves, a striker fired action that delivers an optimal, consistent trigger pull from the first round to the last, and a sear deactivation lever that enables the firearm to be disassembled without pulling the trigger.

“We are pleased to be able to provide the men and women of the Providence Police Department with an upgraded service pistol,” said James Debney, President of Firearms for Smith & Wesson. “The consistent performance and reliability of the M&P40 is backed by a number of advanced features that are unique only to the M&P series. These winning features are trusted by law enforcement agencies around the world as they work diligently to not only protect the citizens of their respective communities but also their fellow officers in the field.”


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