Charter Arms Introduces
9mm Rimless Revolver Pitbull


( — Charter Arms has added a new 9mm Rimless Revolver to the company’s popular Pitbull series.

The 9mm Rimless Revolver Pitbull uses the same rimless cartridge-extractor assembly system as the Charter Arms 40 S&W Rimless Revolver. A dual coil spring assembly located in the extractor allows insertion and retention of a 9mm cartridge in each chamber of the revolver’s cylinder. After firing, the shooter can easily eject the spent cartridges for immediate reloading.

Created in 1902 by Georg Luger, the 9mm cartridge’s popularity and low cost make it one of the most widely used NATO cartridges.

The 9mm Rimless Revolver Pitbull No. 79920 has a 6-shot capacity and a barrel length of 2.2 inches. The frame is stainless steel with a glass-beaded finish. The grip is neoprene. Overall length is 6.75 inches, and the revolver stands 5 inches tall and weighs 22 ounces.


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