SIG Sauer Offers “Buy One Get One Free” 1911 Promotion


( — If you’ve ever wanted to own a SIG Sauer handgun, now may be the best time ever. The company is offering a “Buy One Get One Free” 1911 promotion through April 30, 2014.

The deal: You purchase one of six featured SIG Sauer 1911 models and receive a free 1911-22 SIG model.

The six featured 1911 models you must buy from a participating SIG dealer are:

1911 Ultra TT (1911U-45-TSS)

1911 Compact C3 (1911CO-45-T-C3)

1911 Carry Nightmare (1911FCA-45-NMR)

1911 Tacops (1911R-45-TACOPS)

1911 Spartan (1911-45-SPARTAN)

1911 Stainless (1911R-45-SSS-CA)

Transfers fees, taxes, and all other costs are assumed by the consumer.


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