Smith & Wesson Pro Series 686 SSR No 178012 357 Magnum


In the December 2014 issue, Contributing Editor Roger Eckstine did an in-depth look at two guns designed to compete in the Stock Service Revolver division of IDPA.

Both revolvers meet the physical requirements to be eligible for Stock Service Revolver competition. Maximum barrel length is 4.2 inches or less, and maximum unloaded weight is 43 ounces or less.

A Smith & Wesson fan might mistake the 686 SSR for the 8-round Model 627, which is built on the company’s large N-frame. But the SSR does not specify which grip-frame profile it is.

The 686 SSR is pretty much ready to go for IDPA Stock Service Revolver competition, but can you be competitive with it?


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