Swedish M40 9mm Luger


In the January 2014 issue, Senior Technical Editor Ray Ordorica had a chance to test a Swedish M40, one of the Husqvarna-made, simplified copies of the Finnish Lahti pistol, and though we liked the gun, we found a few problems with it.

Our test M40 was nicely finished, despite some coarse but good machine work. The bluing on our sample was about 95 percent. The plastic grips were like new, with clear Husqvarna logos on each side.

The bolt has a square design that may have lent itself to easy manufacture.

The gun broke down very easily into these rugged parts.

The arrow points to a milled slot for a butt stock.

The sight picture was good, though the sights were not as large as we would have liked. They sure as heck were strong. Top, the rear is milled out of the block of steel that forms the bolt carrier. Bottom, the front looks like an added band, but it’s integral with the barrel.

We thought this was an interesting pistol, well worth owning. However, the current prices don’t make that easy.


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