October 2003

Detroit, Wayne County Michigan Gun Lawsuits Are Dismissed

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced that two more municipal “public nuisance” lawsuits against it and other firearms makers were dismissed in August. The suits were brought by the city and major of Detroit.

“Once again, an appellate court has recognized that the wrong plaintiffs have improperly attempted to sue the wrong defendants under failed legal theories, based upon the actions of criminals thousands of miles distant, over whom we have no control,” commented Sturm, Ruger & Company President Stephen L. Sanetti. “Particularly gratifying was the appellate court’s finding constitutional the state statute passed by its elected legislature which preempted such lawsuits. We urge the U.S. Senate to swiftly pass similar federal legislation as soon as possible, to put an end nationwide to this needless waste of taxpayer and shareholder resources.”


SIGARMS P245 Extended Grip
SIGARMS, in conjunction with Freed Designs, Inc. of Kenmore, Washington, has introduced a new accessory for the SIG Sauer compact P245 .45 ACP handgun. The P245 Extended Grip is a patent pending grip extender specifically designed for greater comfort and increased magazine capacity. The P245 Extended Grip is available from SIGARMS and includes a stainless eight-round P220 magazine with the extender included for the same price as standard P220 eight-round magazines. Telephone the company at (603) 772-2302 or visit www.sigarms.com.


The Cabela’s Gun Vise is made of hardwood with brass screws. We’ve torn up similar plastic units, so we hope this wooden version will last longer.

Cabela’s Hardwood Gun Vise
Redesigned for maximum convenience, Cabela’s Gun Vise securely, solidly and safely holds your rifle or shotgun for maintenance, cleaning, bore-sighting, sight and scope installation, stock inletting, glass bedding any operation that calls for a solid work station. The cam-operated vise clamps your gun into a solid, easy-to-work-on position. Leather padding at all contact points prevents marring or damage. Full-length work tray catches falling parts and keeps tools handy. The base measures 27.75 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 7.5 inches in height. Cost: $63. Contact the company at 800-237-4444; www.cabelas.com.


S&W Partners with Israeli Experts
The Smith & Wesson Training Academy and International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS) will team up to provide advanced counter-terrorism training courses for military, law enforcement and security personnel.

The training courses include detecting and defeating the suicide bomber; VIP protection, special event security, and SWAT training. ISDS is an Israeli government approved security company that consults and provides security and counter-terrorism training around the world.

“The global threat of terrorism demands that security professionals worldwide have the expertise to address the issue at all levels,” said Paul Cunningham, director of the Smith & Wesson Training Academy. “ISDS brings over 20 years of real world experience to the subject.”

ISDS has been selected by the Athens Olympic Committee to coordinate security for the 2004 Olympic Games. Past ISDS Special Event Security projects include the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, 1986 & 1990 World Cup Soccer, and VIP protection for celebrity clients.

Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Smith & Wesson Training Academy provides instruction in all aspects of use of force training.

For more information on the ICDS Counter-Terrorism training courses available at the Smith & Wesson Training Academy, telephone 413-846-6461 or visit www.smith-wesson.com


Savage Accutrigger
Most triggers found in firearms produced today have a very heavy pull. The reason is simple: gun makers fear being held liable for accidental discharges, so they design their firearms with heavy trigger pulls.

One of Gun Tests’s common complaints about guns is trigger performance, so we’re naturally curious about Savage’s Accutrigger, which claims to be infinitely adjustable, allows a trigger pull between 1.5 pounds and 6 pounds, is capable of being adjusted by the owner, won’t accidentally discharge even at the lowest setting, and produces a crisp release with no creep.

Claims for the product say that to adjust the trigger, the shooter removes the stock and rotates the trigger return spring with the tool that is supplied with the rifle. The Accutrigger has a single adjustment location and is designed so it cannot be adjusted below 1.5 pounds. We have just received a rifle with the device installed, so we’re still checking it out. The new Accutrigger has been available on Varmint, LE and heavy barrel long range rifles.

If its promise is realized, then the Accutrigger will find great favor in these pages.


Ruger Single Six 50th Anniversary
Time is running out if you plan to buy a special edition New Model Single Six to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ruger’s Single Six .22 caliber revolver. The 50th Anniversary Single Six will be available only in 2003. This 50th Anniversary Single Six features a 4.6-inch barrel with a gold color–enhanced rollmark, “50 years of Single Six 1953 to 2003,” a blued-steel finish, and cocobolo wood grip panels with red Ruger medallions. Magnum Rimfire cylinders, and comes in a red high-impact case with a special “50 year” lens label. The catalog number is NR-4F-50. Its rifling is 1-in-14 inches right-hand twist (six grooves). Capacity: Six rounds. Weight Unloaded: 31 ounces. Overall length: 9.9 inches. MSRP: $425. The Single Six has proven to be a dependable rimfire in previous tests, and we think this gun would make a distinctive addition to your collection, fired or unfired. Contact Sturm Ruger, 520-778-6555; www.ruger-firearms.com.

Swarovski’s meshing system will prevent any movement of the riflescope.


Swarovski Rail
New Swarovski rifle scopes with the SR (Swarovski Rail) mounting rail may solve slippage of scopes due to recoil. Also, with the new rail, it is now no longer necessary to drill any holes when fitting the rifle scope. Our take: Scope shift is an ongoing problem for big-game rifles, so anything that stops it is a big help. This seems like a valid stab at fixing scope slide.


For a limited time, when you buy any new Ruger P-Series centerfire pistol from your local firearms retailer, you will be eligible to receive a $40 rebate. Choose from 28 models in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 Auto. Contact Sturm Ruger, 520-778-6555; www.ruger-firearms.com.