April 2006

Short Shots: 04/06

Here are some items that caught our attention at the 2006 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

New calibers added to A-Bolt Mountain TI. Browning’s titanium version of the popular A-Bolt gets four new calibers for 2006: .243 Win., .308 Win., ,7mm-08, and the new 325 WSM. The guns themselves include a titanium receiver, glass-bedded action, free-floated stainless barrel, Bell and Carlson graphite stock with Mossy Oak camo, an adjustable trigger, and Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Average Weight: 5.5 pounds. MSRP: $1640.

Browning T-Bolt

Browning reintroduces The T-Bolt. The original Browning T-Bolt was an accurate and easy-to-shoot rimfire. But the new Browning T-Bolt uses the same straight-pull bolt action to chamber a round from the new 10-round Double Helix magazine. Features include a medium sporter-weight 22-inch barrel and checkered walnut stock. Weight: 4 pounds 14 ounces. OAL: 40.1 inches. MSRP: $611.

Silver Series Shotguns. The new Browning Silver autoloading shotguns offer silver finish on the receiver coupled with the hump-back receiver configuration. The guns are available in three 12-gauge models: Silver Hunter: 3- and 3.5-inch chambers, checkered walnut stock and forearm, 26-, 28-, and 30-inch barrels. MSRP: $876 to $1023. Silver Stalker: 3.5-inch chamber, 26- and 28-inch barrels, matte black finish, composite stock and forearm. MSRP: $963. Silver Camo: 3.5-inch chamber, 26- and 28-inch barrels, Mossy Oak New Break-Up and Mossy Oak New Shadow Grass finish, Dura-Touch armor coating. MSRP: $1098.


Bushmaster’s Carbon 15 Rifle is now chambered in 9mm NATO. The chrome-moly barrel includes a birdcage flash hider for control of muzzle rise. Operating controls are similar to any AR-15 type firearm. The bolt carrier and other critical steel parts are manganese phosphate finished for corrosion and rust protection. Upper receivers include Picatinny rails and dual-aperture rear sights and A2 square post front sights. Comes with a black polymer 30-round magazine. OAL: 34.5 inches. Barrel length: 16 inches (1 in 10). Weight: 5.7 pounds. MSRP: $1,025. DSA INC.

Corrosion-resistant operating system. The Z4 GTC carbine uses a gas trap system (thus the name) to solve AR gas-system problems involving the gas rings, leaking gas tubes, and carbon buildup in the bolt. The gun is chambered in 5.56 NATO, has a Z4 mil-spec 7075T6 lower, M4 profile, 16-inch 1:9 chrome-lined heavy barrel, and a collapsible stock. MSRP: $1,700.


Witness Elite Match made for Practical Shooting. The Open Class-ready Elite Gold made a USPSA splash with its 5.75-inch barrel with polygonal rifling. Other features included a custom frame with longer beavertail front and back checkered straps, extended magazine well, reversible extended magazine catch, new compensator, and a chromed magazine with rubber or aluminum pad. For 2006, EAA adds the Elite Match, also made at the Tanfoglio facility. The Match has a checkered frame grip, single-action trigger with overtravel stop, fully adjustable competition rear sight, skeletonized hammer, tapered-cone barrel, and a hard-chrome finish. The Witness Limited has a full-length dust shroud for increased muzzle weight and longer slide-to-frame-contact surfaces. Barrel: 4.5 inches. Calibers: 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. MSRP: $575.


Ceskà Zbrojovka (CZ) expands lines in U.S. There’s lots of activity for CZ in 2006, starting with the CZ 550 Ultimate Hunting Rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum that comes in under 8 pounds, and includes a minute-of-angle accuracy guarantee to 1000 yards. The UHR package includes the rifle with an already broken-in barrel, a boresighted 5.5-22X 50mm Nightforce scope featuring the R2 reticle, one-piece rings, and an aluminum hard case. Length: 44.7 inches. Barrel length: 23.6 inches. LOP: 13.7 inches. MSRP: $3450.

The Dan Wesson 7445-AGS (Alaskan Guide Special) is chambered for the .445 SuperMag round, allowing the user to chamber and fire any of the standard .44 Magnum variants. (.44 Magnum, .44 Special, and .445 SuperMag). Equipped with a 4-inch barrel and compensated barrel shroud, the barrel assembly is interchangeable with all Dan Wesson Firearms 445 SuperMag barrel assemblies. Capacity: 6. Length: 11.7 inches. Barrel length: 4.0 inches. Height: 6.5 inches. Width: 1.8 inches. MSRP: $1295.

The new CZ 2075 RAMI P replaces the aluminum-alloy frame of the original RAMI with one of polymer, and it incorporates a lighter slide. The new model also adds more aggressive slide serrations and adjustable sights. The number of internal parts has also been decreased, contributing to the reduction in weight and cost. The little RAMI accommodates 10 rounds of 9mm Luger or 8 rounds of .40 S&W, plus one in the chamber. Barrel: 3 inches. Weight (unloaded): 23.5 ounces. MSRP: $510.

CZ’s new 12-gauge hammer coach gun follows in the tradition of the guns used by the stagecoach guards of the 1880s. CZ’s newest cowboy gun features double triggers, 19th century color case-hardening, and fully functional external hammers. Barrels: 20 inches. Chokes: IC and Modified (fixed). MSRP: $795.


Gun/ammo combo. Marlin engineers, working closely with Hornady ballisticians, have developed a new line of lever-action rifles — the XLR Series — built to take advantage of the improvements gained with Hornady’s new LEVERevolution ammunition. Varying by caliber, the improvements achieved in velocity, energy and bullet performance in the LEVERevolution spire-pointed, Flex-Tip cartridges are significant. The 336XLR is chambered for the 30/30, with a five-shot tubular magazine, 24-inch stainless steel barrel, and stainless steel receiver, trigger, trigger guard plate, magazine tube, loading gate, and lever. Also includes Ballard-type rifling, fluted bolt, side-ejection, adjustable folding semi-buckhorn rear sight, ramp front sight, tapped for scope mount. OAL: 42.5 inches. Weight: 7 pounds. MSRP. $874. Other models include the 444XLR in .444 Marlin, the 1895XLR in .45/70 Gov’t, and the 1895MXLR in .450 Marlin.

Also, Marlin has three new rimfires that all include T-900 trigger systems, a newly redesigned black synthetic stock with classic lines, molded-in checkering, and swivel studs. The first Marlin in .17 HMR to be offered with a sporter barrel is designated the Model 917. It features a 7-shot clip magazine. Another new bolt-action .17 HMR features a 22-inch varmint barrel. The new Model 917VR also has a seven-shot clip magazine. The Model 925 bolt action .22 is now available in a new version, the Model 925R, with a sporter barrel and a seven-shot clip magazine. MSRP: around $250.


Old West revolvers. The Ruger New Vaquero family of revolvers now has an “Old West” single-action look and feel with features demanded by competitive shooters. The line now includes a mid-size cylinder frame and slimmer XR-3–style steel grip frame with checkered hard rubber grips, a beveled cylinder, a new cylinder base pin, and a crescent-shaped ejector rod head. Engraved versions start at $1,000. Color-case blued New Vaquero revolvers are available in .357 Magnum and .45 Colt and barrel lengths of 4.6 and 5.5 inches. Highly polished gloss stainless steel finishes are available in .357 Magnum and .45 Colt.

Sturm, Ruger now offers an adjustable-sight New Model Single Six revolver chambered in .17 HMR. It features a 6.5-inch barrel, blued steel finish, and rosewood grips. A new convertible New Model Single Six Hunter is also available, which includes two cylinders- one in .17 HMR and one in .17 Mach 2. The New Model Single Six Hunter features a satin stainless steel frame with black laminate grips and a ribbed barrel machined to accept either .22 tip-off accessories or Ruger scope rings (included at no extra cost).


New shotgun line. Remington’s Model 105 CTi claims 48-percent less recoil than the competition, and weighs 7 pounds. The receiver body is made from aircraft-grade titanium, with a carbon fiber shell. Feeding and ejection are from the bottom, and the gun has a newly designed trigger group, three ProBore chokes (IC, Modified, and Full), a new convex R3 recoil pad, and an FAA approved lockable hard case. The barrel rib is carbon and aramid fibers.

The claimed reduction in recoil is accomplished in a four-part dampening process: the Rate Reduction System, a convex R3 recoil pad, a gas-operated inertia sleeve, and a 0.735-inch overbored barrel with lengthened forcing cones. The Rate Reduction System is an oil-filled cylinder housed in the stock that absorbs shock and helps regulate bolt velocity. Chamber: 3 inch. Barrel: 26 or 28 inch. OAL: 46.25 inches. Weight: 7 pounds. MSRP: $1332.