May 2007

S&W Academy Offers Military & Police Pistol and Rifle Training

Four courses are offered to LE and military personnel; Brownells launches first-ever 1911 catalog; T/Cís new Triumph muzzleloader; and will BATFE kill an iconic Idaho gun store?

The Smith & Wesson Academy will introduce Military & Police (M&P) Pistol and Rifle Series training courses to be held at the Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts, and at local police departments and regional law enforcement training centers across the country.

The new courses, which are available only to law enforcement, security and military personnel, are designed to provide professionals with hands-on instruction in the use of the M&P

Smith & Wesson Academy
Series of pistols and rifles. Each course will be offered to participants at the Smith & Wesson Academy and remotely through Smith & Wessonís Law Enforcement Field Training Group.

Individuals will be able to select from four M&P classes consisting of both armorers and tactical familiarization courses for the M&P pistol and M&P15 rifle. The M&P15 rifle courses are a cross-platform class for any AR15 spec rifle.

Classes scheduled for this year include:

  • l M&P Pistol Armorer
  • l M&P Rifle Armorer (or any AR15-spec rifle)
  • l M&P Pistol Armorers/Tactical Familiarization
  • l M&P Rifle Armorers / Tactical Familiarization

(or any AR15-spec rifle)

The armorer courses for the M&P pistol and rifle cover nomenclature, field stripping, maintenance, troubleshooting, parts replacement, safeties and safety checks plus detailed disassembly. The tactical familiarization courses cover classroom topics such as safety and maintenance along with teaching methodology. Range exercises include advanced tactics such as utilizing cover and concealment, to shooting from unconventional positions.

1911 Auto Catalog
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Ruger Reports 2006 Earnings

Sturm, Ruger & Co. last released its 2006 Annual Report, reporting net firearm sales of $139.1 million for fiscal year 2006, up 4.7 percent from $132.8 million the previous year. Ruger, which also operates a castings business, reported total net sales of $167.6 million, up from $154.7 million in 2005. Net income for the year was $1.1 million, up nearly 28 percent from the previous year.

1911 Auto Catalog

If you doubt the popularity of the 1911 platform, think again. For the first time, Brownells is producing a specialized 1911 catalog this year.

Frank Brownell said, "It is jam-packed with everything you could imagine to build, maintain, accessorize, and just plain enjoy your 1911 Auto. We will be mailing it to everyone who ever bought a 1911 part from us."

The catalog also includes a feature new to Brownells catalogs: dream guns. The dream guns are color images of customized 1911s with the various add-ons, accessories and aftermarket products labeled.

"The dream guns give users an idea of what parts look like on a 1911 before they order," Brownell said. "The Brownells gun techs frequently receive calls from customers asking them for recommendations on customizing 1911s. The dream guns are the closest things to picking the brain of a gun tech from the comfort of your favorite chair."

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Thompson/Center Arms Introduces

New Magnum Muzzleloader

Thompson/Center Arms has introduced the .50-caliber Triumph, a new toggle-lock gun that incorporates a tip-up barrel design. The Triumph also features Speed Breech XT, a breech plug that can be

.50-Caliber Triumph
removed by hand. Other Triumph specifications include an alloy receiver, composite or camouflage stock and forend, SIMS Limbsaver recoil pad, 28-inch barrel with a rate of twist of 1 in 28 inches, and 209-primer ignition.

Elsewhere, the gun comes with a solid aluminum ramrod, Weather Shield coating, a set trigger with automatic hammer block safety.

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BATFE Killing Idahoís Oldest Gun Shop

Redís Trading Post in Twin Falls, Idaho, the stateís oldest gun shop, has had its ability to acquire firearms for resale revoked by the BATFE for paperwork errors.

Open since 1936, Redís underwent a 2004 routine BATFE audit. The audit found no missing firearms and no willful illegal acts. BATFE wants to revoke Redís license permanently.

Redís appealed, was denied, and the shop is now headed to federal court. For more about Redís Trading Post, log on to

Northwest Airlines

Eliminates Long-Gun Luggage Fees

Northwest Airlines and its partner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines had implemented, but has now reversed, a new policy that singled out overseas travelers with long-gun cases for an additional luggage fee of $300.

However, due to efforts by SCI and NRA, Northwest has eliminated the fee and is accepting long-gun cases on overseas flights under the "free luggage allowance" as long as travelers comply with firearms regulations in the countries they are traveling to, including those in which connections occur.

Northwest accepts firearms, handguns, and ammunition under the following conditions:

All firearms must be locked in a suitable crush-proof/hard-sided container manufactured specifically for firearms or hard-sided suitcase. Hard-shell gun cases can be purchased at domestic airports.

Ammunition must be in the manufacturerís original packaging or a container specifically designed for ammunition. Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles will not be accepted.

Due to TSA regulations, gun cases must be properly locked. Often, long-gun cases require further TSA inspection.

To avoid the breaking of passengerís gun case locks, NWA recommends the use of TSA-approved locks. TSA-approved locks (Searchalert) come with a tool that enables TSA screeners to open the lock without damaging it. Searchalert locks are available for sale at NWA stations in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg.

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Black Hills Ammunition CMP Orders Cancelled

According to the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the agency recently learned from Black Hills Ammunition that the companyís production capacity is being used to fill large government orders and that delivery times for CMP orders will be over one year.

Because of the projected shipping delays, CMP has cancelled all outstanding orders and is processing refunds. No additional orders will be placed with Black Hills until CMP is assured of timely delivery of customer orders. GT