January 2015

Taurus ‘Curve’ Really Is

The company has rolled out a curved-frame contoured 380 ACP.

The new Taurus Curve handgun is a body-contoured .380 ACP that employs a curved grip frame. About the size of today’s smart phones, this little USA-manufactured double-action-only semi-auto pistol packs 6+1 rounds in a 5.18-inch-long package. This curved polymer frame has a carbon-steel slide and a stainless-steel barrel.

“We challenged our engineers to develop a handgun that was comfortable to wear. We wanted it to be as comfortable as wearing a watch every day,” said Sarah Perry, director of marketing for Taurus. “We wanted a concealed carry firearm that was designed for wearing against the contours of your body.” MSRP is $392.

Other features include a loaded-chamber indicator, a built-in locking system, a trigger protector, a built-in lanyard, and a belt clip for wearing the pistol without a holster.

Also included is an integrated LaserLyte LED light/laser combo system built within the frame and a bore-axis sighting system designed for instinctive point shooting at close distances. This subcompact handgun does not include traditional sights.


Magnum Research Launches Three Stainless Desert Eagle 1911 Models

Top: The full-sized DE1911GSS features a 5.05-inch barrel and 8.625-inch overall length. Middle: The DE1911CSS has a barrel length of 4.33 inches and overall length of 7.87 inches. Bottom: The “U” undercover model features an aluminum anodized frame. The DE1911USS has a barrel length of 3 inches and an overall length of 6.85 inches.

Magnum Research, Inc.’s Desert Eagle 1911 product line are now offered in stainless steel. All three models have the Series 70 safety and trigger configuration, which some shooters prefer over the Series 80 action mechanism.

The full-sized DE1911GSS features a 5.05-inch barrel, 8.625-inch overall length, slide width of 1.28 inches, and a weight of 36.2 oz. The slide thickness is 0.92 inches, grip thickness of 1.30 inches, and a trigger pull of 3-4 lbs. Trigger reach is 2.77 inches. The grip has front strap checkering at 20 lines per inch, a high-profile sculptured rear sight that’s drift adjustable for windage and a pinned-in white dot front sight. It ships with two 8-round magazines. MSRP is $904.

The slightly smaller DE1911CSS has many of the same features as the 1911GSS, but it has a shorter barrel length of 4.33 inches, overall length of 7.87 inches, and weighs 33.9 ounces. MSRP is $904.

The “U” undercover model was introduced last year, and it now features an aluminum anodized frame and a stainless-steel slide. The DE1911USS has a barrel length of 3 inches, height of 5 inches, an overall length of 6.85 inches, and weighs in at 25.8 ounces. MSRP is $1019.


Savage Arms Expands Line of Suppressor-Ready Rimfire Rifles

Savage Arms is expanding its rifle lineup with three new suppressor-ready rifles, all of which feature ½-inch 28-pitch threaded muzzles with twist-off thread protectors.

Each is equipped with a heavy, fluted barrel, oversized bolt handle, and a 5-round detachable magazine, as well as Savage Arm’s user-adjustable AccuTrigger.

The bolt-action Model 93 FV-SR chambered in 22 WMR and Model 93R17 FV-SR chambered in 17 HMR weigh 5.5 pounds. Other specifications include overall length of 35.25 inches, and barrel length of 16.5 inches. The 93R17 FV-SR is part number #96699, $358. The 93 FV-SR is part number 93207, $358. The 93R17 FV-SR has a rate of twist of 1-in-9 inches, and the 93 FV-SR has 1-in-16 inches barrel twist.

The semi-automatic Model 64 FV-SR (#45110, $231) chambered in 22 Long Rifle weighs 5 pounds. Other specifications include a rate of twist of 1-in-16 inches, overall length of 36 inches, and barrel length of 16.5 inches. It is equipped with a 10-round detachable magazine.
All three come with buttoned-rifled carbon-steel barrels, one-piece optic/accessory rails, and checkered synthetic stocks with black matte finishes.

Colt M.A.R.C. 901s Introduced
Colt’s Manufacturing Company has introduced the new M.A.R.C. 901 (Modular AR Carbine) product family. This family of modular and customizable carbines features four new models: LE901-16SE, LE901FDE-16SE, LE901-18SE, and the AR901-16S.

All of the new LE901 models are multi-caliber, single serial number, modular rifle systems chambered for .308 Winchester. The lower receiver and bolt carrier design allow users to easily swap the upper receiver group for any Colt Mil-Spec upper chambered for 5.56 x 45 NATO (.223 Remington).

Joyce Rubino, vice president of marketing for Colt’s Manufacturing Company, said, “The new M.A.R.C. 901 models allow our customers to more easily move between various caliber and accessory configurations for target shooting, hunting or tactical purposes.”

All new “SE” models in the M.A.R.C. 901 family feature a monolithic upper receiver with a fixed rail at the 12 o’clock position and provisions to mount rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The AR901 features a flat-top upper receiver and a tubular forend, with provisions to mount rails at various positions.

These modular rail positions make the firearm more customizable and comfortable for users. The design allows shooters to position rail sections where needed for accessories such as bipods, lasers, lights, and more. With the choice to mount only necessary rail sections, users can reduce the weight and diameter of the upper receiver. The profile of the upper receiver is also smoother, with fewer sharp edges.

Colt AR-901-16S, top, Colt LE901 16SE, bottom.

The three SE models all also feature ambidextrous operating controls for the magazine release and bolt catch, and a single-side reversible fire selector. All three of these models are designed with a free-float barrel, VLTOR buttstock and locking folding sights. Unique to the LE901FDE-16SE is the flat dark earth finish on the upper and lower receiver, along with FDE furniture. For users who prefer a longer barrel, there’s the LE901-18SE with its 18-inch barrel.
The LE901-16SE and LE901FDE-16SE models weigh 8.42 pounds, and all models have 1:12 right-hand twist barrel-rifling rates.

The AR901-16S features a free-floated barrel and user-configurable tubular handguard with rail mounting provisions beyond the standard 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions to include rail mounting positions on 16 different planes. The AR901-16S has a B5 Bravo buttstock and measures 34.24 inches in length with the stock retracted and 37.5 inches OAL with the stock extended. Its barrel has a 1:12 RH twist and the package weighs 8.24 pounds.

Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser Shipping for Kahr 9 & 40 Pistols

Viridian has introduced Reactor 5 green laser sights for Kahr 9mm and 40 S&W polymer-framed pistols. The Reactor 5 green laser and holster combination fits all Kahr 9mm and 40 S&W polymer-framed pistols (series: P, TP, PM, CW, CM, & CT). MSRP is $239. The laser includes Viridian’s new ECR Instant-On hybrid holster. The Enhanced Combat Readiness Instant-On feature shuts the laser off while holstered and ignites the laser immediately when drawn.

Seekins Precision Releases SP-10 308 Rifle
Lewiston, Idaho-based Seekins Precision announced its first offering in 308 Win, the SP10 large-frame AR rifle, $2489. Based on the iRMT upper receiver, CNC machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum, the top Picatinny rail extends over the barrel mount to strengthen the receiver and provide more space to mount optics. Coupled with the receiver is the Seekins Precision SP3R free float handguard, which is flat on the bottom. The 18-inch stainless steel match-grade barrel is contoured to balance the rifle for superior handling performance and weight reduction. The lower receiver is also machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum and is ambidextrous in the magazine release, selector switch, and bolt switch. There’s also a 3.5-pound tuned fire control trigger, a proprietary buffer system housed in a carbine-length tube, and a Magpul STR stock.

Franklin Armory’s AR 17 WSM
Franklin Armory’s F 17-L rifle chambered in 17 Winchester Super Magnum is a rimfire cartridge, so it is not classified as an “assault rifle” in many states. The F 17-L features a gas-piston system with a rotating locking bolt that is very similar to the original Eugene Stoner design. MSRP is $2000.


Taurus Curve Handgun Manufacturer Specs