May 28, 2008

CCI Introduces Lead-free Rimfire Bullet

LEWISTON, Idaho – CCI maker of TNT Green brings exciting non-tox technology to the Leader in Rimfire Ammunition. This lead-free bullet boasts devastating performance on game and outstanding accuracy. The initial offering in 22 Win Mag is a great load for varmint and small game hunters everywhere—available fall of 2008.

“TNT Green is on the cutting edge of non-tox technology,” said Director of New Product Development Drew Goodlin. “Rimfire shooters will get great accuracy and impressive on-game performance, all from a lead-free projectile.” The TNT Green bullet is made of compressed metals, and on impact provides violent disruption.

With explosive expansion, impressive accuracy and great terminal performance, the TNT Green Jacketed Hollow-Point hits critters hard.

Available in 2008:

Part No. - Description

60 - - - 22 Win Mag 30-gr TNT Green Jacketed Hollow-Point

For more information on TNT Green, as well as the complete CCI lineup, visit

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