May 1, 2008

Federal Premium Brings Varmint Hunters the Lead-Free TNT Green

Federal Premium Brings Varmint Hunters the Lead-Free TNT Green

ANOKA, Minn. – TNT Green brings the latest in non-tox technology to the Federal Premium V-Shok varmint hunting line. This is a totally lead-free bullet that couples explosive expansion with match-grade accuracy. It will be available in the spring of 2008.

These qualities make it a tremendous varmint round. Initial offerings under V-Shok will include .222, .22-250 and .223 options. This new bullet gives shooters the performance of today’s popular tipped rounds, but does so in an environmentally friendly bullet. It also adds yet another Premium varmint option to V-Shok, one of today’s most complete varmint lines.

Varmint hunters tend to know what they want, and when they find the perfect load, they stick with it. However, this doesn’t mean they are afraid to try something new. Federal Premium worked hard to create another product embraced by varmint hunters everywhere, and the result was the lead-free TNT Green. “Varmint hunters need accurate, flat-shooting and explosive rounds that will be devastating on target,” said Director of New Product Development Drew Goodlin. “TNT Green meets these needs, all with a lead-free bullet. These environmentally friendly loads offer top-of-the line performance without compromise

Viable varmint rounds need to be available in a variety of calibers, but also must be fast, accurate and very disruptive. Varmint hunters looking for these characteristics will get all of this, and then some, with the new TNT Green. This lead-free bullet is explosive on impact and is very accurate.

Available in 2008:

Part # - Description

P223R - 223 Rem 43-gr TNT Green

P222D - 222 Rem 43-gr TNT Green

P22250D - 22-250 Rem 43-gr TNT Green

For more information on TNT Green, or the rest of the Federal Premium lineup, visit

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