May 1, 2008

Introducing the .370 Sako Magnum

Introducing the .370 Sako Magnum

ANOKA, Minn. – Big game hunters looking for a new caliber offering heavy bullets will love the new .370 Sako Magnum. Federal Premium will load a 286-gr Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullet option, as well as a 286-gr Nosler Partition offering that will be available in the summer of 2008.

Like its European counterpart the 9.3x66mm Sako Magnum, the new .370 Sako Mag provides excellent stopping power and is a great choice for hunting large game at shorter distances. “This caliber has a steady following in Europe,” said Ammunition Brand Manager Rick Stoeckel. “And this caliber makes perfect sense in the United States for hunters in pursuit of game like moose and bear.”

The .370 Sako Mag is also a viable cartridge for Africa, as it achieves energy levels comparable to the heralded .375 H&H. Out to 100 yards, the .370 Mag and 375 H&H carry similar energy levels, and after 100 yards the .370 Mag actually gains an advantage.

The new cartridge is built on a case slightly longer than a 30-06 and is necked up to .366 caliber. This allows guns to be built with standard actions as opposed a large magnum offering. Both new rounds will be high energy loads that boast heavy bullets for excellent performance.

Available in 2008:

Part No. - Description

P370B - 370 Sako Mag 286-gr Nosler Partition

P370C - 370 Sako Mag 286-gr Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullet

For more information on the .370 Sako Magnum, as well as the complete Federal Premium lineup, visit

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