May 5, 2008

Federal Premium Extends Barnes Tipped Expander Line

Federal Premium Extends Barnes Tipped Expander Line

ANOKA, Minn. –Federal Premium offers an additional 12-gauge load for the Barnes Tipped Expander slug. Last year marked the first time Federal gave the Barnes Expander shotgun slug a tip and for the fall of 2008 shooters using fully-rifled barrels will have a 3-inch ¾-ounce option. Available in 2008.

The addition of this polymer tip provides better expansion and a higher ballistic coefficient and makes this heavy-hitter a legitimate 200-yard performer. This sabot slug is designed for use in fully rifled barrels only.

“The Barnes Tipped Expander is truly the best tipped slug on the market,” said Ammunition Brand Manager Rick Stoeckel. “The addition of the tip took the Expander, which is known for its near 100% weight retention and reliable expansion, to a whole new level.”

Aiding in the excellent performance of the Barnes Expander is Federal’s proprietary delivery system. When the slug and sabot exit the barrel, the sabot separates clean, resulting in a true flight for the projectile every time. The polymer tip provides a lower drag and aids in consistent expansion for better downrange ballistics.

Available in 2008:

Part No. - Description

P151 XT1 - 12-ga, 3”, 3/4 oz, Barnes Tipped Expander Sabot 1900 fps

For more information on the Tipped Expander, or more the complete Federal Premium lineup, visit

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