December 5, 2007

Winchester’s Theodore Roosevelt Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition’s new Theodore Roosevelt commemorative ammunition line feature a nickel-plated shell casing bearing a special Roosevelt head-stamp in three popular calibers: .30-30 Win., .45 Colt and Roosevelt's favorite big bore lever-gun round, the .405 Winchester.

The most powerful cartridge ever chambered in a lever gun, the .405 was used extensively by Roosevelt during his 1909 - 1910 African safari.

Winchester’s Theodore Roosevelt Ammunition

The .30-30 Win. rounds are loaded with 150-grain Power-Point(r) bullets and the .405 Winchester with 300-grain jacketed flat point bullets: both are boxed in 20-round packages.

The .45 Colt is loaded with a 250-grain flat nose lead bullet and comes in a 50-count box.

All Theodore Roosevelt cartridges are packaged in collectible, foil-embossed boxes, each emblazoned with vintage Winchester artwork and photography.

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