ATF Offers $5,000 Reward in Gun Store Theft


PHILADELPHIA — Mark W. Potter, special agent in charge of the Philadelphia Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), today announced that ATF is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a burglary and theft that occurred on Aug. 19 at Nimrod Haven Firearms in Hanover Township, Penn.

Burglars used a vehicle to break in the front doors of the business. During the burglary, 33 handguns were stolen from the gun store.

Anyone with information about this crime should contact ATF at 1-800-ATF-GUNS (800-283-4867) or the Hanover Township Police Department at (570) 825-1270. All calls will be kept confidential.

RATON, N.M. — Laura Goetsch won both the High Power Rifle and High Power Hunting Rifle Silhouette Championships at the NRA National High Power Silhouette Championships August 6-8 at the NRA Whittington Center.

Goetsch dethroned previous Champion Agustin Sanchez, Jr., who had held both Championship titles since 2004.

Competing in High Power for the past nine years, Goetsch has won at the national level in Canada, but the 2009 High Power Silhouette Championships mark Goetsch’s first national titles in the United States.

“As my first win in the United States national championships, I feel honored to win both High Power events” said Goetsch.

In the High Power Rifle Silhouette Championship, an aggregate score of 92 out of 120 helped Goetsch outscore second place finisher Derek Greenaway, who shot a 91. Former Champion Sanchez Jr. took third with a score of 91.

Although Greenaway and Sanchez Jr. had the same score, the aggregate number of turkey targets a competitor hits breaks the tie.

Goetsch shot an aggregate score of 78 out of 120 in the High Power Hunting Rifle Silhouette Championship, while Eric Boos took second place with a score of 72. Shooting a 70, Enrique Kuess, Jr., clinched third.

In addition to her individual champion titles, Goetsch was also named the Woman Champion in both events.

During the Smallbore Silhouette Championships earlier in the week, Goetsch took third in the Smallbore Hunting Rifle Silhouette Championship.

As part of the Belgrade Air Shooting Sports Team, Goetsch and teammates Cathy Winstead-Severin and Susan Peery took first place in the Smallbore Hunting Rifle Silhouette Team Championship, as well.

2009 High Power Silhouette Championships Results

High Power Rifle Championship

National Champion: Laura Goetsch – 92
Second Place: Derek Greenaway – 91
Third Place: Agustin Sanchez, Jr. – 91
Woman Champion: Laura Goetsch – 92
Senior Champion: Lee O’Neil – 85
Super Senior Champion: Wayne Bowen Weems – 53
Junior Champion: P.J. Snider – 78
Intermediate Junior Champion: Kolby Rasmussen – 70
Sub-Junior Champion: Jorge Velasquez – 75

High Power Hunting Rifle Championship

National Champion: Laura Goetsch – 78
Second Place: Eric Boos – 72
Third Place: Enrique Kuess, Jr. – 70
Woman Champion: Laura Goetsch – 78
Senior Champion: Lee O’Neil – 63
Super Senior Champion: Wayne Bowen Weems – 50
Junior Champion: Kyler Monares – 52
Intermediate Junior Champion: Kolby Rasmussen – 59
Sub-Junior Champion: Rachel Rayment – 34

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