Browning Upgrades the New Citori White Lightning

Browning is reintroducing the Citori White Lightning over and under, but with some changes.


Gun Tests Editor Todd Woodard said, “The new White Lightning is built on a silver-nitride-finished receiver and features a new engraving pattern. The receiver houses a full-width hinge pin and tapered locking lug design the Citori is known for.”

The blued barrels feature ivory front and mid-bead sights, Woodard said, and the lightning-style stock and forearm are fashioned from Grade III/IV American walnut with an oil finish. Stylish new checkering patterns provide an updated appearance and enhanced grip.

The Citori White Lightning is chambered for 12-gauge 3-inch shells and includes three Invector-Plus black Midas Grade extended choke tubes in Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder constrictions. Available barrel lengths are 26 inches and 28 inches.

“Why is it called White Lightning?” Woodard said. “The term ‘left in the white,’ or simply ‘white’ has been used for decades describing the color of shotgun and rifle parts. ‘In the white’ means that firearm parts were not blued or color case-hardened or colored in any way, but left in the natural, polished color of the metal, such as steel.

“Often times, the bolt, top lever, slide, ejectors and other parts are left in the natural color of the metal, providing a contrast to the rest of the shotgun. In this way, the Browning’s Citori White Lightning receiver and action stand out as opposed to blued over unders.”

“But the steel receiver is protected,” Woodard added. “The natural-color steel receiver and trigger guard are protected from corrosion by a coating called a “nitrided” finish, offering similar protection to bluing.”

Another interesting facet of this shotgun, Woodard said, is that the Citori White Lightning’s round knob, or pistol grip, allows the shooter to position his hand consistently for each shot, thus offering better control for fast-flying waterfowl, upland game, sporting clays, or trap and skeet. Matching the rounded pistol grip is the rounded forearm.

Other features include:

• Heavy-duty full width locking bolt and tapered hinge pin

• Back-bored technology with chrome chambers

• Vector pro lengthened forcing cones

• Inflex recoil pad

The MSRP for the Citori White Lightning Item Number 018142304 is $2,670.

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