Groups For and Against Guns Put Best Possible Spin on Election


( – The midterm election may have been a referendum on the president, war, corruption, and scandal, but “it does not translate into greater support for gun control at the grass roots level,” says a gun lobby group.

“If anything, gun control was notable as a non-issue in this election,” said Gun Owners of America in a news release.

A leading gun control group, however, says quite the contrary: “In this election, the gun issue was in play, gun violence prevention groups won while the gun pushers lost, and there is now a shift in momentum on the issue of common-sense gun restrictions,” said Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Looking on the bright side, Gun Owners of America insisted that on a race-by-race basis, the pro-gun movement suffered a net loss of “only a small handful of seats.” And while many newly elected Democrats may support the anti-gun agenda, they also realize that open support for gun control may cost them at the polls, GOA said.


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