Minn. Gov. Dayton Vetoes
NRA-Backed Gun, Self-Protection Bills


(GunReports.com) — The National Rifle Association (NRA) is deeply disappointed in Governor Dayton’s veto of House File 1467 – an omnibus bill that included a number of key firearms law reforms in Minnesota, says Chris W. Cox, Executive Director, NRA – Institute for Legislative Action.

Cox said, “This bill passed both chambers of the Minnesota legislature with broad bi-partisan support.”

House File 1467 contained vital common-sense reforms that would have enhanced self-defense laws for the law-abiding residents of that state. It would have removed the duty to retreat for crime victims currently mandated under Minnesota state law and precluded victims from facing prosecution for lawfully defending their lives.

This bill would have also enhanced self-defense rights by recognizing the Right-to-Carry permits of those visiting and those traveling through Minnesota with valid Right-to-Carry permits from the other 48 states that issue them (Illinois does not issue Right-to-Carry permits of any kind).

Furthermore, House File 1467 would have prohibited gun confiscation in times of declared emergencies.


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