Brownells Fourth 1911 Catalog Now Available


The Brownells 1911 Catalog #4 is now available from the venerable firearms parts and tools supplier.”I’m constantly amazed by the creativity of gun folks,” said Frank Brownell, company CEO, “they keep finding ways to improve the 1911 and creating new goodies to make it suit every shooter.” The 1911 Catalog #4 is in an easy-to-use format with color photos and side tabs. Eight dream guns, built by Wilson Combat, Cylinder & Slide, Ed Brown, Heinie Specialty, Nighthawk Specialty and Brownells in-house experts are featured to demonstrate ways to create a unique 1911.Blue video camera icons let readers know that a free, instructional video is available on, while American flag logos show products that have been certified by their manufacturers to be made in the U.S.A. “We really pride ourselves on the free tech help we offer,” stated Pete Brownell, company president, “the videos are there day and night to answer many questions. If you need more information, our techs are available with just a toll-free call.” More than 200 new products have been added to the catalog that has grown to 70 pages and more than 3,000 total products.The catalog is free and is available by calling (800) 741-0015 or by going to and mentioning code PEQ.


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