Production of Remington Model 870 Shotgun Tops 10 Million


MADISON, NC — Remington Arms Company, Inc. last week acknowledged the milestone of reaching the production of the 10,000,000th Model 870 pump-action.

The company took out a full-page ad thanking the millions of Model 870 owners in the Sept. 24 edition of USA Today.

The Model 870 was introduced in 1950.

Remington is also noting the milestone with the “10 Millionth Model 870 Shotgun” Sweepstakes. The company will give away ten Commemorative Model 870s.

To enter the “10 Millionth Model 870 Shotgun” Sweepstakes and view entry guidelines, log on at Entries will be accepted online from 9/24/09 – 12/31/09.

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