Stag Arms Helps Raise $ for Troops


( – Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, announced the winner of a giveaway from Stag Arms to help promote Troopathon 6, a star-studded effort to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan. The giveaway spanned more than a month and gathered more than 3,500 entries. At the end of the fundraiser, MAF collected $321,042.

To help support Troopathon 6 and send more care packages to the troops, Stag Arms partnered with MAF to give away a free AR-15 rifle valued at over $900. The winner, Jim E. of Macosta, Michigan, can choose any one of three available Stag Arms models in left-handed or right-handed configurations.

“I am just so grateful. Our family loves to enjoy the outdoors and shooting together. I support the troops 100% and hope they all come home safely,” said Jim E. after being notified that he was selected as the winner.

“Stag Arms has always been a supporter of the troops, not just with discounts on purchases for our servicemen but in donations to pro-troop initiatives like Troopathon,” said Scott Raab, operations director in charge of coordinating care package shipments overseas.

Troopathon 6 – Salute Our Troops


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