Super Bowl Sniper Hide


( — It’s not surprising to most gunnies that Indianapolis SWAT team members set up sniper hides in Lucas Oil Stadium during the 46th Super Bowl. The question we have is: Who makes the kit in the accompanying photos?

Reports at said the rifle was a custom-built Remington M700. In the photos, it looks like it’s also fitted with a suppressor. The mag box looks awfully big for the stadium space — seems like a Fitty would be too much. Probably a 338 Lapua, but perhaps a 300 Win.

The action also appears to be fitted to an XLR Industries (Grand Junction, Colorado) chassis, probably the evolution HD rifle chassis ($785). That item is made from 6061 T-6 billet action block with a Type 2 Class 2 anodized finish. The chassis features a 2-inch centered handguard available in either 14- or 16-inch lengths. The pistol grip is an Ergo overmold tactical AR style. The fully adjustable stock is a premium platform for large caliber weapons. This chassis is generally used with actions of 1.45 diameter or larger. Kyle Miller is listed as the contact for XLR at or

The tripod is an Alamo Four Star DCLW shooting tripod, which has a unique locking mechanism that grabs the forend without damaging it. May be the DCLW-w/Flatop, $498. Contact and in Lubbock, Texas.


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