August 14, 2008 Prices For S&W Elite Gold Shotgun Seem Good

Higher-priced guns cause trepidation to many buyers. But when a shooter combines good information about a gun plus market-driven pricing, he can be assured to get a quality gun at the best price.

Case in point: According to the January 2008 issue of Gun Tests, the Smith & Wesson Elite Gold Grade I Side-by-Side 20 Gauge, $2380, was a B+ gun, and a better pick than a comparable L.C. Smith. Online pricing for the gun found on had no bids for one gun in a no-reserve auction # 106244497, but it has a “Buy Now” price of $1399.

Several other Auctions, such as # 106913508, due to expire 8/15 @ 4:56 p.m., put the gun’s price at just about $1,800.

Introduced into the field gun market in January 2007, this gun had 26-inch barrels and an overall length of 43.5 inches. The length of pull on the stock, which featured a checkered butt rather than a recoil pad or butt plate, was 14.6 inches, and the gun weighed 6.5 pounds.

Still too much? Maybe not. Gun Tests said of the S&W Elite Gold, " Attractive, smooth handling and a pleasure to shoot, this is a fine vehicle to take a shooter back to the glory days of wingshooting."

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