June 21, 2008

Rossi Trifecta Offers More Versatility And Knock-Down Power

Rossi Trifecta Offers More Versatility And Knock-Down Power

MIAMI - Rossi Firearms, the leading manufacturer of youth-sized long guns, introduces its newest version of the award-winning Trifecta. Offering three guns in one, the system originally included easily interchangeable .243 Winchester .22 Long Rifle, and 20-gauge barrels. Now Rossi offers more versatility and knock-down power with the option of choosing either a .243 or .44 Magnum barrel.

The Trifecta system features a black synthetic stock with removable cheek piece. The complete system allows the gun to be fully reconfigured for proper fit with each barrel option. Removing the cheek piece when using the 20-gauge shotgun barrel allows the user to use the Trifecta’s traditional front-bead sighting component. With the cheek pad in place, the stock is perfect for using the .22 LR barrel’s fiber optic sights or for the .243 Win. or .44 Mag. barrel with a scope. The .243 Win. or .44 Mag. barrel includes a scope mount base that accepts any standard Weaver-style rings. The set also includes a hammer extension, custom carrying case and all-purpose strap.

The complete line of Rossi firearms features the exclusive Taurus Security Systemâ, which utilizes a key to lock the firearm and offers additional safety for youth. All Rossi firearms also incorporate a transfer bar mechanism and a manual safety on a single shot, break-open design in which the breech cannot be closed or opened if the hammer is cocked.

Rossi is proud to offer a free One-year NRA Junior Membership with the purchase of all Rossi youth models. It is recommended that children always be accompanied by an adult when shooting.

In 2007 the Trifecta was named the “Best Value” rifle by Field & Stream’s coveted “Best of the Best” gear testing team. The team was impressed by the gun’s ruggedness, simplicity and value.

Trifecta Specifications:

  • Item number: S2022243YBS (Matched Set 20-gauge/.22 LR/.243 Win. Youth Size);
  • Item number: S202244YBS (Matched Set 20-gauge/.22 LR/.44 Mag. Youth Size);
  • Barrel length: 22”/18½”/22”;
  • Finish: Matte Blue;
  • Weight: (with each barrel): 6.3 LBS;
  • Stock: Black Synthetic
  • MSRP $299.00 to $329.00
  • For more information about Rossi Firearms, a Division of BrazTech International visit our website at www.rossiusa.com.

    Rossi Firearms
    16175 Northwest 49th Avenue
    Miami, Florida 33014

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