February 16, 2008

The Model 70 Is Back!

MORGAN, UTAH -- The Winchester Model 70 is one of the most respected bolt-action rifle designs in the world. Winchester Repeating Arms is excited to announce the return of the Model 70 for 2008. The All-American Model 70s will be built by American craftsmen in Columbia, South Carolina, at the same state-of-the-art factory (FN Manufacturing) as the rifles and machine guns used by Americaís Armed Forces. They are made to the exact ISO 9001 standard of the quality that the U.S. Government insists upon for military firearms.

For 2008 the new Model 70 has the all new M.O.A.ô Trigger System, improved fit and finish and enhanced accuracy to go along with its classic Pre-64 Controlled Round Feeding, Three-Position safety and solid, sure handling.

M.O.A.ô Trigger System. The new Model 70 M.O.A. Trigger System is the most precise three-lever trigger system ever offered to sportsmen. Operating on a simple pivoting lever principle the trigger mechanism has been completely redesigned to exhibit zero take up, zero creep and zero overtravel. The pull weight ranges from 3 to 5 pounds and is factory-set at 3 3/4 pounds. Because of the enhanced ergonomics, wide smooth triggerpiece and 2:1 mechanical advantage created by the unique design geometry, it actually feels like half that weight.

Three-Position Safety. The improved three-position safety on the new Model 70 has proven effective and highly popular with hunters and shooters for decades. Convenient to operate with the thumb of the firing hand, the Model 70 safety lifts the firing pin away from the sear. When the safety selector is in the middle position, the action can still be operated, allowing unfired cartridges to be cycled with the safety on.

Hammer-Forged Barrel. Model 70 barrels are cold hammer-forged from a solid billet of steel for accuracy and long life. Massive rotary hammers shape the barrel steel around a mandrel to create the rifling. The barrel is treaded, target crowned and installed on the receiver. The chamber is then reamed and the bolt is headspaced. This results in 1 MOA accuracy for three-shot groups using properly managed barrel, quality match ammo and superior optics under ideal weather and range conditions.

Blade-Type Ejector. The Model 70ís blade-type ejector allows full control when ejecting a fired case. When pulling the bolt back slowly the empty case pops out gently, which is perfect for target shooters and varminters. Pulling the bolt back smartly allows the empty case to clear the port with greater force. The blade-type ejector helps to eliminate short-stroking malfunctions.

The new Winchester Model 70 will be offered in a Super Grade, Featherweightô Deluxe, Sporter Deluxe and Extreme Weather SS models for 2008. All will feature a thick black PachmayrÆ DeceleratorÆ pad that will help take the bit out of recoil.

The Super Grade will be offered in 30-06 Sprg. And 300 Win. Mag and will feature a fancy grade walnut stock with contrasting black fore-end tip and pistol grip cap and a sculpted shadowline cheekpiece. Suggested Retail $1,149.00.

The Featherweight Deluxe has an angled comb walnut stock with Schnabel fore-end and satin finish with elegant cut checkering It will be offered in popular long and short action calibers, including WSM chamberings Suggested Retail, $999.00 to $1,049.00.

The Sporter Deluxe features a satin finished walnut stock with cut checkering on trim fore-end and pistol grip, along with a sculpted cheekpiece. Available in popular long action and short action WSM calibers, Suggested Retail, $999.00 to $1,049.00.

The Extreme Weather SS ës premium Bell and Carlson composite stock features a trim, light feel with textured matte surface that gives a sure grip in any conditions. The Extreme Weather SS has a free floating, fluted stainless barrel to help minimize weight. Available in popular long action and short action WSM calibers, Suggested Retail, $1,149.00 to $1,199.00. Delivery on all models will begin in June of 2008.

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