Norman Houle wins 2009 NRA High Power Rifle Championship


CAMP PERRY, Ohio – Norman Houle’s 2387-124x score was a point better than 2008 champion Carl Bernosky’s total, earning Houle his third NRA High Power Rifle Championship Aug. 14.

Houle won his first High Power Rifle championship in 2004 and repeated as champion in 2006. “Camp Perry’s always been an endurance competition,” Houle of Warwick, Rhode Island, said. “It’s more for the marathoner than the sprinter.”

Houle did not win any individual matches in the championship.

Nine-time champion Carl Bernosky came in second place with a score of 2386-125x, winning the Erdman Trophy (599-21x), Nevada Trophy (797-38x), Navy Cup (199-6x), Appreciation Cup (200-17x), and Crescent Cup (200-8x) along the way.

David Tubb, the eleven-time champion, placed third with 2385-133x and also took home the Coast Artillery Trophy (200-15x).

The NRA High Power Rifle Championship is a 2400-point aggregate of the Vandenberg Cup, Nevada Trophy, and Clarke Trophy. Each sub-aggregate consists of four matches shot at ranges 200, 300, or 600 yards.


National Champion:

Norman Houle, Warwick, Rhode Island, 2387-124x

Match Rifle Championship:

Champion: Norman Houle – 2387-124x
High Woman: SPC Sherri Gallagher – 2382-148x
High Senior: Baird Copenhaver – 2357-93x
High Grand Senior: Robert Delcotto – 2336-72x
High Collegiate: 2LT Steven Lunsford
High Sub-Junior: Joseph Hendricks – 2242-49x
High Overall Junior: Joseph Hendricks – 2242-49x
High Service: SPC Sherri Gallagher – 2382-148x
High Police: Ken Potter – 2372-68x

Service Rifle Championship:

Champion: SFC Grant Singley – 2385-102x
High Ohio Civilian Resident: Kenneth Strohm – 2334-68x
High Woman: Julie Coggshall – 2342-78x
High Senior: Edwin Agle – 2292-60x
High Grand Senior: James Laughland – 2228-43x
High Collegiate: SGT Christopher Atkins – 2361-82x
High Sub-Junior: Lawrence Faulkner – 1909-11x
High Intermediate Junior: Tyler Rico – 2348-80x
High Junior: David Bahten – 2348-74x
High Overall Junior: Tyler Rico – 2348-80x
High Reserve: SGT Eric Swearingen – 2363-87x
High National Guard: SGT John Coggshall – 2349-100x
High Army Reserve: SFC Norman Anderson – 2362-95x
High Marine: SGT Eric Swearingen – 2363-87x
High Regular Service: SFC Grant Singley – 2385-102x
High Police: Mark Heff – 2327-69x

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