Remington and Bushmaster
Sponsor Major Rifle Matches


( – Remington and Bushmaster recently sponsored two of the biggest long range and high-power rifle competitions of the year at the Remington-Bushmaster Open-Long-Range Regional Championship and the Freedom Group Classic- High-Power Regional Championship.

Both matches were hosted by the Western Pennsylvania .30 Cal League at Reade Range in Fallen Timber, Pennsylvania during the first two weekends of June.

“Remington and Bushmaster, along with the entire Freedom Group Family of Companies, are proud to have sponsored, participated in and provided instruction during the events,” said Ken Roxburgh, Team Captain and Coach – Remington rifle Team. “Long range and high power rifle competitions are part of America’s heritage and it’s great to see such a wide variety of competitors, which included men, women, teenagers, Soldiers, Airmen and Marines enjoying competitive shooting.”

A record turnout was seen at both matches and competitors consisted of civilians and members of the active duty military and reserves. Remington hosted an awards ceremony and barbeque at the conclusion of each match. In addition, a myriad of cash awards including firearms from Remington, Marlin and Bushmaster were awarded for achievement in the following categories:

Remington-Bushmaster Open-Long-Range Regional:

High Score- Any Rifle/Any Sight-1000 yds. John Howell (Civilian Competitor)  Score: 1188-60x
High Score-Any Rifle/ Iron Sight-1000 yds. Brian Litz (Civilian Competitor) Score: 1194-70x
High Score-Palma Rifle-1000 yds. Capt Trevor Hengehold (USMCR) Score: 1190-65x
High Score- Junior Competitor-Any Rifle/Any Sight-1000 yds. Tommy Ferraro (Age 14) Score: 1127-27x
High Score- Junior Competitor- Any Rifle/ Iron Sight- 1000 yds. Joe Hendricks, Jr. (Team Remington) Score: 1126-29x
High Score- Senior Competitor- 1000 yds. Gerry Sanders (Civilian Competitor) Score: 1179-47x
High Score- Grand Senior Competitor- 1000 yds. David Brantner (Civilian Competitor) Score: 1164-42X
High Score- F-Class Open- 1000 yds. Don Nagel (Civilian Competitor) Score: 1172-41x
High Score- F-Class FTR-1000 yds. James Crofts (Civilian Competitor) Score: 1141-27X

Freedom Group Classic High-Power Regional Championship:

High Military Match Rifle Champion- Sgt Sheri Gallagher, U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Score: 795-43x
High Civilian Match Rifle Champion- Joseph Hendricks, Sr. (Team Remington) Score: 790-38x
High Military Service Rifle Champion- SSGT Tyrell Cooper, USAMU Score: 788-30x
High Civilian Service Rifle Champion- Sara Rozanski-Armenta ( Team Remington) Score: 781-24x
High Junior Service Rifle Champion- Nathan Evagash ( Pennsylvania Junior State Team) Score: 769-17x
High Senior Match Rifle Champion- Dr. Jack Jones (Civilian Competitor) Score: 785-26X
High Woman Champion- Bianca Kerin (Civilian Competitor) Score: 716-8x
High Military Reserve Champion- Garey Diefenderfer (USAFR) Score: 766-12x
High Marine Corps Champion- GySgt Joshua Peterson (USMC) Score: 783-26x
High Individual Team Match Score on Match Rifle Team – Sgt Sheri Gallagher (USAMU) Score: 499-36x
High Individual Team Match Score on Service Rifle Team- Cpl N. Sookdeo (USMC) Score: 487-19x
High Individual Team Match Score on Junior Service Rifle Team- Trent Thomas (Pennsylvania Junior State Team) Score: 476-16x

Freedom Group Classic-High-Power Regional Championship (4) Person Team Match Results:

High Military Match Rifle Team- USAMU Cooper Score: 1978-90x
High Civilian Match Rifle Team- Remington-Bushmaster Roxburgh Score: 1960-77x
High Military Service Rifle Team- USMC Scarlet- 1923-60x
High Civilian Service Rifle Team- Berger-Reade Senior Score: 1882-37x
High Junior Service Rifle team – Pennsylvania Juniors Thomas Score: 1858-31x


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