Book of Glock


Glock pistols are admired because they are accurate, simple to maintain and easy to handle. They continue to be popular because each new generation and model follows the same design principles and philosophies as the original G17.

If you own and shoot a Glock, you understand the simplicity and reliability of your firearm. But you may not know the full story behind these innovative guns and their manufacturer.

Introducing an important new book, Book of Glock. Thumbing through the pages of this book, you’ll quickly appreciate the unifying design factors that bring together each Glock generation and model as well as the improvements made over the years.

Reading Book of Glock you’ll learn:

  • Each models specs, from magazine capacity to trigger pull.
  • The history behind each generation and model. You’ll walk through the early years and the G17 all the way to the rare, specialty models to come from Glock.
  • How to field strip your Glock as well as clean and maintain it on the bench, with detailed instructions, full-color photos and clear, exploded drawings.
  • Tips and reminders to improve your shooting technique.
  • Ten customizations you can make to geek-out your Glock.
  • And so much more!

Learn all there is to know about one of the most important handgun manufacturers in the world. Get your copy of Book of Glock now!

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