Deadly Force


Do you know your self-defense rights? Do you understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of lethal force by you, a private citizen?

In his new book, Deadly Force, Massad Ayoob draws on three decades of experience to educate you, the responsible firearms owner about the legal, ethical and practical use of firearms in self-defense.

Filled with real-world examples of threatening situations to teach you when and when not to pull the trigger, Deadly Force is about more than just shooting bad guys. The book logically outlines what conditions to look for, settings to avoid and if you do find yourself in a troubling circumstance how to first defuse it. And then if necessary, apply the needed force.

What happens if you need to use lethal force? Do you know what to say to the police? The right attorney to hire? What to expect from law enforcement, the courts, the media?

Learn from instructive lethal force case studies too. The Larry Hicks case – a classic filled with teaching points for those who legally carry guns. And the George Zimmermann shooting case in Florida.

Deadly Force also covers myths of armed self-defense. The “Warning Shots are a Good Idea” Myth; The “In My State I Can’t be Sued for a Self-Defense Shooting” Myth; The “Drag the Corpse Inside and Plant a Knife in His Hand” Myth; and so many more.

Get important insights from renowned shooting law expert Massad Ayoob. Buy a copy of his book, Deadly Force and learn from his experience. Deadly force incidents are rare but when they happen, you need to be prepared and know your rights.

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