American Tactical Announces $50 Customer Rebate


( — Through May 31, 2014, American Tactical is offering a $50 rebate on the purchase of a new GSG STG-44. The rimfire recreation of the Schmeisser STG-44 Carbine has a 16.25-inch-long blued barrel, a wood stock, and magazine capacities of either 10 or 16 rounds. It lists for $600.

When a consumer purchases any new GSG STG-44 firearm through May 31, 2014, he fills out a paper application provided by dealer or gets an online application form and fills that out.

He sends a copy of the form, the purchase receipt, and a copy of the accompanying 4473 to American Tactical.

American Tactical will process and send out a rebate of $50 to the consumer.


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