Legacy Sports International Adds 7mm PRCs to the Howa 1500 Lineup


Legacy Sports International has announced the addition of the following 7mm PRC chamberings to the Howa 1500 lineup with three available stocks.

• Howa Hogue Overmold Stock 7mm PRC – $589 MSRP
• Howa Stocky’s Carbon Stalker 7mm PRC – $1,099 MSRP
• Howa HS Precision 7mm PRC – $1,029 MSRP

Howa 7mm PRC shared features:
• 7mm PRC Howa 1500 barreled action, 24 inches long, threaded ½x28
• Machined receiver and forged bolt
• 2-stage match trigger
• 3-position safety
• Large integral front barrel lug
• Bolt has integral bolt handle and pressure vent holes
• M-16/style extractor/ejector
• Tool-less firing pin removal
• Trued and squared bolt faces
• Sub-MOA
• Lifetime Warranty

The 7mm PRC is an efficient, capable, and balanced 7mm magnum. It quickly became a favorite for ELR (extreme long-range) shooters and hunters looking for extended range capabilities. The modern design of the 7mm PRC provides several advantages over existing cartridges. It was designed to have inherently accurate chamber geometry, an efficient case shape, and appropriate overall length.

These attributes, coupled with a standard 1:8″ twist rate, mean the 7mm PRC can utilize low-drag bullets without seating them too deeply into the case. This balanced design creates a platform that can efficiently use modern propellants that are temperature stable, produce great accuracy, and provide moderate recoil and reasonable barrel life when compared to overbore 7mm magnums.

The parent case for the 7mm PRC is the 375 Ruger. The case length has been shortened to 2.280″, but retains the same .532″ diameter, non-belted case, and the 30° shoulder that is found on all Precision Rifle Cartridges.

For the target shooter, the 180-grain ELD Match and 190 grain A-Tip will be hard to beat. For hunters, the 160 grain CX and 175 grain ELD-X provide terrific performance at close and extended range.



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