Savage B22 Precision Rifle 70248 22 LR

Barely more than 36 inches long, the B22 was short, handy, adaptable, and accurate. The trigger was outstanding. Another good collaboration with chassis-maker Modular Driven Technologies.


We presented a selection of 22 LR rifles in the June 2022 issue of Gun Tests. You promptly told us that you wanted more, and that the next group needed to include the CZ 457. So we secured a sample of the recently-released CZ-USA CZ 457 Varmint MTR 02345 with the walnut stock and the vertical grip, $720. We also added a Browning T-Bolt 025236202 22 LR, $880, with a stainless barrel and action along with a grey/black laminated stock. Then we grabbed a Ruger American Rimfire Long-Range Target 8378, $532, with a two-tone laminate stock and 22-inch bull barrel. Last came the Savage B22 Precision 70248, $570, with the great AccuTrigger and a one-piece billet chassis from MDT.

For the sake of consistency, we decided to stick with the same ammo selection we used for the June 2022 article. Those were SK Match, Eley Tenex, and Eley Match rounds. Our team shot accuracy groups at 50 yards, and we weren’t disappointed.

Gun Tests Grade: A- (BEST BUY)


This is the third opportunity our Houston shooters have had to test collaborations between Savage Arms and Modular Driven Technologies (MDT). We reviewed the Savage Model 110 Elite Precision in April 2021 and the Savage PCS pistol in November 2022. Both of those firearms received very good grades, and we were looking forward to working with one of their latest joint ventures in the B22 Precision. We weren’t disappointed.

Action TypeBolt
Overall Length36.25 in., adjustable
Barrel18 in. long; 1:16 in. twist
Overall Height w/Scope Mount6.9 in.
Weight Unloaded7.4 lbs.
Weight Loaded7.7 lbs.
Sight RadiusNA
ActionMatte-black steel
BarrelMatte-black steel
Magazine Capacity10 rounds
Magazine TypeDetachable box
StockMDT Chassis
Stock Length of Pull13.0 in. to 13.5 in.
Stock Drop at CombAdjustable
Stock Drop at Heel0.5 in.
Stock BeddingDirect to aluminum chassis
Stock ButtplateSoft rubber
Receiver Scope-Base Pattern20-moa Picatinny rail
Trigger Pull Weight0.98 lbs.
SafetyTrigger, Tang
Warranty1-year limited for original owner
Telephone(800) 370-0708
Made InU.S.A.
The Savage’s AccuTrigger was crisp, with little creep or overtravel.

Both the barrel and action on the B22 Precision are pretty much straight tubes. The barrel measured about 0.8 inch in diameter for its full length, and our calipers said the action was right at 1 inch wide. Very effective and simple designs, both qualities lend themselves to a good performance and a moderate price. Savage uses its customary screwed-in collar to secure the barrel to the action. The muzzle ends in a set of ½x28 threads protected by a metal cap. Once a very special add-on feature, the threaded muzzle now seems to be expected by the many who desire to place a muzzle brake or suppressor on their rifles. The action also comes with a 20-minute-of-angle Picatinny rail for those shooting or competing past normal 22 LR distances.

The Savage’s magazine is proprietary and consists of a spring-loaded ratchet rotating inside a metal body.

The bolt is worthy of some additional attention. The twin extractors did a great job, even when we were cranking off fast shots at swinging golf balls. If you haven’t done this, give it a try. The ejector is fixed to the chassis. The internals on the bolt are held on by a simple C-clamp, so takedown is easy. A stud on the right side toward the rear serves as a cocking indicator. The bolt handle is over-sized but not to the point where it is obnoxious. The bolt is removed by making sure the rifle is empty, dropping the magazine and then pulling the bolt to the rear while depressing the trigger. Reassembly is only slightly trickier. The rear of the bolt body has a longitudinal index mark that must be lined up with the firing pin. When done correctly, insert the bolt until it stops, press the trigger and complete forward movement until the bolt seats and locks. The rear of the bolt rotates very easily, and we found that we could be out of line before we knew we had even moved it.

The Savage’s MDT buttstock is adjustable for cheek height, while spacers adjust LOP.

The pistol grip, cheek piece, length-of-pull spacers, actual buttstock, and the recoil pad are all polymer. The action body was all aluminum, and we liked what MDT had done with it. The action attaches to the chassis by inserting sturdy bolts through the chassis and mounting the upper directly to the lower parts. The magazine is proprietary and consists of a spring-loaded ratchet rotating inside a metal body. Loading was easy and function was perfect. Even for avowed trigger snobs, we found the trigger was simply outstanding. Required compression averaged less than a pound with very little overtravel. Of course, with the trigger safety blade in the middle, some take up was required. We tend to just shoot the rifle like it has a two-stage trigger, with the safety engagement being the first stage.

The remainder of the rifle is set up to be easily customized for the shooter. The slim forend has M-Lok rail slots at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The bottom also has a single sling-swivel stud that could be removed if desired. The barrel is completely and rigidly free-floated. The chassis can use virtually any standard AR-15 grip. The rifle came with an MDT grip that was a bit oversized and with palm swells. We thought it did a good job of helping us repeat our grip properly for a strong-side-thumb hold. The cheekpiece is mounted to two studs that can be adjusted in height and then tightened. The length of pull can be changed via spacers. Our sample came with two spacers already inserted. We did have to lower the cheek rest to remove the bolt, but that was no big deal.

Our Team Said: Our B22 liked the Eley ammo the best. Average groups on the Match ammo were 0.517 inch with a smallest group of 0.297 inch. The Tenex also did well, averaging 0.476 inch. Overall, it would wind up in third place, though it was only .022 inch behind the second-place Ruger. We don’t know that we can be that accurate with our calipers, so we are going to call the two rifles essentially tied. For the money, this was an awfully good gun in nearly every way — good accuracy, great trigger, substantial adjustability, and favorable price. We think it’s a Best Buy.

22 LR Range Data (50 Yards)

We tested at American Shooting Centers in Houston. We used a LabRadar chronograph, $559, to determine muzzle velocities. We set up on a Caldwell TackDriver Pro front bag (Brownells 100-027-023, $49) and a Tab Gear heavy large rear bag ($34 at to fire five-round accuracy groups at 50 yards. Ammunition: SK Match (Midsouth Shooting Supply, $17.68/50), Eley Tenex (Creedmoor Sports, $22.36/50) and Eley Match (Red River Reloading, $18.87/50).

SK Match 40-grain Lead RNRuger American Long-Range TargetSavage B22 PrecisionBrowning T-BoltCZ-USA CZ 457 Varmint
Average Velocity1126 fps1129 fps1204 fps1243 fps
Muzzle Energy113 ft.-lbs.113 ft.-lbs.129 ft.-lbs.137 ft.-lbs.
Average Group0.42 in.0.65 in.0.76 in.0.46 in.
Best Group0.36 in.0.49 in.0.52 in.0.42 in.
Eley Match 40-grain Lead RNRuger American Long-Range TargetSavage B22 PrecisionBrowning T-BoltCZ-USA CZ 457 Varmint
Average Velocity1081 fps1084 fps1114 fps1136 fps
Muzzle Energy104 ft.-lbs.105 ft.-lbs.110 ft.-lbs.115 ft.-lbs.
Average Group0.46 in.0.52 in.0.63 in.0.45 in.
Best Group0.36 in.0.30 in.0.51 in.0.36 in.
Eley Tenex 40-grain Lead RNRuger American Long-Range TargetSavage B22 PrecisionBrowning T-BoltCZ-USA CZ 457 Varmint
Average Velocity1082 fps1084 fps1116 fps1139 fps
Muzzle Energy104 ft.-lbs.104 ft.-lbs.111 ft.-lbs.115 ft.-lbs.
Average Group0.70 in.0.48 in.0.54 in.0.50 in.
Best Group0.63 in.0.42 in.0.51 in.0.48 in.


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