Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S Max

The Black Aces S Max is the lightest shotgun tested. Despite this, recoil was not objectionable. The shotgun handles well, and we were surprised that it retained a great deal of controllability with the birdshead grip. The shotgun is reliable. It may be the best buy depending on the features you need.




Black Aces Tactical has offered custom shotguns for some time. They now import Turkish shotguns in various styles. The S Max shotgun is a nicely-fitted and well-finished shotgun. The blue finish is dark and well done. The walnut stocks were nicely finished. The shotgun is supplied with a birdshead grip to allow the shotgun to be used at close quarters and stored easily. With the birdshead grip, the shotgun remains a legal length because the barrel is 18.5 inches long.

Action TypeSemi-auto, gas operated
Chamber Size3.0 in.
Overall Length, Full Stock39.0 in.
Overall Length, Birdshead grip31.0 in.
Weight6.5 lbs.
Weight Loaded7.3 lbs.
Barrel Length18.5 in.
Choke Tubes3 Benelli Mobil
StockWood semi-pistol; birdshead
Length of Pull14.25 in.
ForendRibbed wood
Front SightPost
Trigger Pull Weight6.0 lbs.
WarrantyLimited lifetime
Telephone(407) 630-9359
Made In Turkey

The shotgun is supplied with three choke tubes, in common with the other shotguns. The choke tubes were not marked with common terms such as Cylinder and Modified, but rather by a code stamped on the chokes and outlined in the owner’s manual.

We liked having the choice of two stocks on the Black Aces shotgun. Both the regular buttstock and the birdshead grip we easy to shoot, in their own way. Each stock is well made and had a good fit to the shotgun.

To operate the Black Aces shotgun, the same manual of arms is followed as with the Toros Copolla T4. Rack the bolt before loading and then press the decocker button. The Black Aces Tactical featured an extended bolt lever to make racking the bolt easier. Then you begin loading the magazine. The Black Aces Tactical shotgun magazine holds six shells, one more than the other shotguns tested. If you attempt to rack a shell into the magazine without pressing the decocking lever, the shotgun will not load. In other words, the bolt must be released before the chamber is loaded, but the bolt is racked before the shell carrier is pressed upward to load the shotgun. The Black Aces Tactical shotgun has a total shell load of seven shells, with a shell in the chamber and six in the magazine. The recommended home-ready condition, with the chamber empty, allows six shells to be ready in the gun.

The front post sight on the Black Aces shotgun rated a little better than a simple bead as a front
aiming point.

The safety was a crossbolt type and was positive in operation. This shotgun is more similar to the Benelli M2 types than the later M4, but the Benelli influence was present in this shotgun. The S Max used a simple front post for aiming. It is easily picked up for fast shooting. The controls were easily manipulated. The trigger is similar in feel to the Toros T4 at 5.0 pounds even.

We liked the extended bolt handle on the Black Aces shotgun.

The shotgun was fired in equal amounts with the standard stock and birdshead grip. The shotgun was surprisingly easy to control with the birdshead grip. The Black Aces Tactical S Max weighs 6.5 pounds, somewhat less than the Toros shotgun, so recoil was greater. By holding the birdshead grip and pushing forward while pushing to the rear with the forend, the shotgun was controllable and good results were had with the birdshead grip to 7 yards. With the standard stock installed, the shotgun was easy to use as well.

The Black Aces S Max shotgun never failed to feed, chamber, fire, or eject. Five slugs were fired with good results, a 3-inch group at 15 yards. This is a simple shotgun well suited to personal defense and home defense. You cannot mount a red dot or light, if that is important.

The loading port on the Black Aces shotgun is large enough to allow easy and fast loading.

Our Team Said: The Black Aces S Max is a traditional shotgun with a nice look. It looks like a shortened sporting gun, which it basically is. The short barrel and front-post sight make for rapid handling. With the birdshead grip fitted, the shotgun handles better than we would have thought. It is possibly the best-handling shotgun of this type we have picked up. If you do not have the need to mount a red dot or aperture sights, the Black Aces S Max is a fine choice. We would purchase the Toros Copolla T4 for serious use including security, institutional, and animal defense. But for home defense, the Black Aces Tactical S Max represents the Best Buy.



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