IWI TS-12 Shotgun: SHOT Show 2018


Video transcript below.

Hey shooters, this is Todd Woodard, editor of Gun Tests magazine, reporting from SHOT Show 2018. We’re here with Tom [Alibrando, National Law Enforcement Sales Manager] from IWI to talk about the new TS-12 shotgun.

Tom Alibrando: Thanks, Todd. This is the TS-12. It’s a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun. The first thing folks [do when they] look at it, you know it looks kind of futuristic, looks kind of big. It’s actually only 8 pounds. Its overall length is just over 28 inches, okay, so not too bad for length.

It has three tubes underneath it; that’s what everybody also looks at. They’re like, “What is this?” You can have five two-and-three-quarter-inch rounds per tube, plus one in the chamber. That gives you 16 overall rounds in the gun.

Woodard: And, so, the entire shell is polymer over an aluminum chassis?

Alibrando: The aluminum chassis, there’s there’s some aluminum underneath it too, in the framework, okay, that connects the chassis to the rest of it, believe it or not. This is the receiver back here, though. The cool thing about the system is when you push the release on the tube, let’s say I’m shooting the weapon and it runs dry, go to bolt lock like I’m at right now. As soon as you rotate the tube, it’ll automatically drop a round onto the carrier, load it, and then you’re ready to fire again. You can rotate the tube either direction, it’s up to you, left or right, and that’s designed specifically if somebody wants to go to one side or the other for a specific reason, or maybe somebody loaded a tube on this side and he wants to just top off the main tube, that it’s feeding from, that’s up to him.

But it’s really well designed for pros who are left-handed, too, because this entire thing can be converted over to left ejection. The charging handle can be moved over, the safety can be reversed as well.

Woodard: So there’s a separate frame for the left handed?

Alibrando: No, it’s the same bolt, this piece right here, the ejection port cover, when you disassemble it, pops out. You put it on the other side. All you need is a punch, and you knock out the pin, and the extractor, change the extractor, extractor spring over to the other side of the bolt. Put it back in, and now it’s set up for a lefty. Doesn’t take too much time [and] no talent. You don’t have to go to an armorer’s school for it. It’ll sort itself out pretty easily.

Woodard: So what do you think the MSRP is gonna be on this gun?

Alibrando: The MSRP is $1399.

Woodard: What do you think is a reasonable retail price that it’ll appear at? You have any idea?

Alibrando: I don’t like to speculate on any of that.

Woodard: I understand.

Alibrando: You’re getting into numbers and things. I’ll let the big heads figure that out.

Woodard: Is this currently available, or when will it be available in 2018?

Alibrando: End of first quarter is what they’re looking at.

Woodard: End of first quarter.

Alibrando: Yep.

Woodard: Tom, we really appreciate the rundown on the TS-12. Looks like a cool gun.

Alibrando: Oh yeah, it’s pretty neat.

Woodard: Thank you.

Alibrando: All right, take care, Todd.


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