VALUE GUIDE: March 2019 Self-Defense Shotgun Ratings





ARTICLE:Budget 20-Gauge Pumpguns: H&R, Mossberg, Remington, February 2019
Remington 870 Youth Model 25561 20 Gauge, $330A-Our Pick. The Remington had ideal weight and a smooth action and trigger.
Mossberg Maverick 88 Youth Model 32202 20 Gauge, $198B+For home defense, the Mossberg is a fast-handling piece for the whole family.
H&R Pardner Youth Model NP1-2S1 20 Gauge, $165BA Best Buy. The least expensive shotgun never failed to feed, chamber, fire, or eject.
ARTICLE:Home-Defense Shotguns: Are Magazine-Feds the New Thing?, October 2018
Mossberg 590 Tactical Shotgun 50665 12 Gauge, $480AThe action is smooth, tight, and reliable. Feeding was very smooth.
Remington 870 DM Hardwood 81351 12 Gauge, $324A-A Best Buy. The least-expensive shotgun tested, may be the best suited for home defense.
Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul 81209 12 Gauge, $729A-We liked the Tactical’s ability to take choke tubes. You may also add a red dot.
JTS M12AK Semi-Auto Shotgun 12 Gauge, $450A-Generally successful, it does not handle as quickly as the conventional pump-actions.
Mossberg 590M Mag-Fed Pump-Action 50205 12 Gauge, $530DThe shotgun did not function as well as the Remington DM or the tube-feds.
ARTICLE:Over-the-Counter Exotic Shotguns from Mossberg and Century Arms, October 2017
Mossberg 590 Shockwave 50659 12 Gauge, $455ABuilt to last. We’d opt for the OPSol Texas Mini-Clip and pack it with Aguila Mini Shells.
Century Arms RAS47 AK Pistol 7.62x39mm, $749AThe RAS47 was reliable with any ammo we ran through it. Definitely opt for the arm brace.
ARTICLE: Pumpgun Showdown: Remington 870 Vs. Norinco’s Wild Bunch, September 2017
Remington 870P Standard 12 Gauge, $225ABest Buy. Patterns were good. Experimentation may find a load that does even better.
IAC (Norinco) Wild Bunch 12 Gauge, $300BTactically, the design leaves some other shotguns in the dirt. It is fast to load and empty.
Mossberg 505 Youth Pump-Action 57110 20 Gauge, $300AThe Mossberg 505 Youth is an overlooked gem. The fit wasn’t bad for most raters.
ARTICLE:Shotgun Shootout: Self-Loader, Pump, or Dual-Action Design?, December 2016
Benelli Nova Tactical Pump 20051 12 Gauge, $372ABest Buy. Lockup is tight. Sights are among the best combat-style units. 10-year warranty.
Tristar TEC-12 No. 25120 Pump/Auto 12 Gauge, $557AModern styling and handles just like the expensive Benelli M3.
Mossberg 930 Tactical 85320 12 Gauge, $514A-The 930 was the lightest kicker and had the highest magazine capacity.
ARTICLE: Home-Defense Shotguns: We Compare Three Pump Actions, October 2016
IAC Imports Hawk Model 982 Defense 12 Gauge, $233AAmong the least-expensive 12-gauge pumps we have tested. Never malfunctioned.
Remington M870 Express Synthetic Tactical 12 Gauge, $346AWe liked the magazine capacity, and we will take the muzzle brake.
Remington 870 Modified Police 12 Gauge, M4 Stock, $420BThe Adaptive Tactical M4 stock provides a shotgun that handles like an M4.
ARTICLE: Semi-Auto 12 Gauges from Benelli, Beretta, and Mossberg, May 2016
Beretta Model 1301 Tactical No. J131T18 12 Gauge, $1075AThe Beretta performed without a hiccup while
producing good patterns and loading fast.
Mossberg Model 930 SPX Tactical 85360 12 Gauge, $836BLighter hit to the pocket book. Good handling and flawless functioning.
Benelli Model M4 Tactical No. 1170712 Gauge, $2000B-We could not get past its higher price and failure to cycle low-velocity loads.
ARTICLE:In Search of the Best 12 Gauge, March 2016
Century Arms Catamount Fury SG1874-N 12 Gauge, ~$400DThe Fury SG1874-N looked like the Izhmash Saiga, but was plagued by malfunctions.
Century Arms Catamount Fury II SG1875-N 12 Gauge, ~$575D-Beset by malfunctions, the Fury II SG1875-N shotgun was worse than its stablemate.
ARTICLE: 12 Gauges: Side-By-Side, Double- Barrel Pump, and Tri-Barrel Guns, October 2015
Chiappa Triple Threat No. 930-032 12 Gauge, $1599B-Three barrels. Too unwieldy for anything other than close-quarters self-defense.
Standard Mfg. DP-12 DP01130 Pump-Action 12 Gauge, $1700CThe unique double pump was too unwieldy and too pricey for us.
ARTICLE: Tactical 20 Gauges: LSI’s Escort Gladius vs. Remington 870 Pump, September 2015
Remington Model 870 Pump 81180 20 Gauge, $530A-Good trigger, good handling and good patterning combined for its good ranking.
Legacy Escort Gladius Magnum 20 Gauge, $580B+Attractive and functional tactical features, good handling. Needs a lighter trigger pull.
ARTICLE: More Tactical Pump Shotguns: Tristar and Mossberg Compete, July 2015
Tristar Tec-12 25120 Pump/Auto 12 Gauge, $689A-Performed well in both pump-action and semi-automatic modes.
Mossberg Model 590 Magpul 50669 Pump 12 Gauge, $773C-Excessive recoil and poor accuracy. Nice trigger pull of 5.5 pounds.
ARTICLE: Tactical Pump Shotguns: CZ-USA HC Versus Weatherby, June 2015
CZ-USA Model 612 HC-P 06510 12 Gauge, $366B+This tactical firearm would be a fine self-defense tool for budget-minded shooters.
Weatherby PA-459 TR No. PA4591219PGM 12 Ga., $499B-This pump action performed well with only minor flaws in handling and accuracy.
ARTICLE:Tactical Models: Mossberg 930 Versus Remington 870 Pumpgun, February 2015
Remington 870 Express Tactical Pump 81200 12 Gauge, $442AThe 870’s 18.5-inch-long barrel handled quickly in close quarters.
Mossberg 930 Tactical SP Semi-Auto 85330 12 Gauge, $544BFast handling, kicked less than expected. Had a failure to extract.


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