Rossi Runs Out All-New Survival Rifle


Built on the same action as the Brawler pistol, the new Rossi Survival Rifle is a 16-inch carbine with a hammer-forged barrel that accepts either 45 Colt or up to 3-inch 410 bore shotshells. MSRP, $371.

The Survival Rifle can be quickly and easily broken down for easy transportation, fitting into small 72-hour bags or larger rucksacks.

The single-action trigger is crisp and breaks to the rear with minimal stacking.

The Survival Rifle features a polymer stock that holds additional ammunition. The automatic ejectors kick out spent hulls and shells free of the gun with authority.

Item Number: SSPS45-BK
Caliber: 45 COLT / 410 GA
Capacity: 1 Round
Front Sight: Iron Sights
Rear Sight: Picatinny Rail with Rear Sight Groove
Action Type: Break Open
Barrel Length: 16 in.
Overall Length: 30.90 in.
Overall Height: 6.50 in.
Overall Width: 1.60in.
Overall Weight: 51.20 oz. (Unloaded)
Barrel Twist Rate: 1:24 RH
Barrel Grooves: 6



  1. I’m not sure what kind of “survival” scenario would only require a single shot rifle that you have to break open to load with a round you needed to grab from a buttstock holder with your shooting hand. Your impending survival depends on hitting your target in a vital area the first time around since you’re unlikely to get a 2nd shot off in time..

  2. Peter, obviously you don’t get the concept of this gun package. Anyway, you can train to be a quick reloader. Hopefully you will be faster than the old minute men of the revolutionary war. They had a lot more to do in one minute, then you just cracking the barrel while the shell flys out and sliding another shell in closing the barrel and popping ur target again. Anybody should be able to do this in 10 seconds or less. How bout that bro?


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