New England Arms Handi-Rifle on GunBroker.Com


Simple products, such as single-shot rifles, have a wide following because of their utility, simplicity, and low price. One gun of this type is the New England Arms Handi-Rifle, which Gun Tests magazine tested in the January 2007 issue.

The specific Handi-Rifle tested was the 22 Hornet SB2-224, which lists for $250 new. But prices for similar guns on show heavy discounting off MSRP.

If you’re interested in buying a similar gun, had several Handi-Rifles, including one in 223 Rem. The gun in Auction # 109325408, listed by Lakewood Pawn Shop in Atlanta, had a history: “The gun is in excellent mint condition only having one very minor scratch. The gun has actually never been fired, our customer bought it a while back for his wife to go hunting with him and she changed her mind about hunting. He paid over 250 dollars for it a few months ago, his loss is your gain.”

Another listing, # 108957513, had an NEF in 243 Win. that was more expensive, but which included optics. The text said the gun “…is a single shot, very powerful, accurate gun and it’s in close to new condition with just a few very minor nicks on the wood. This rifle comes with a 3×9-32mm 8-point fully coated Simmons scope.” On Sunday, the auction had a buy-now price of $300.

Gun Tests said, “…This rifle is in fact chambered in many calibers including the .35 Whelen, .500 S&W and .45-70, so the design clearly has strength in abundance. As a Hornet, it ought to last forever.”


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