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( — Several new videos are loaded this week:

To access the videos, look in the middle of the homepage for the video container. Click on the right or left arrows on the videos to jump from story to story:

Sinclair Reloading Series Part 1: Introduction to Reloading (2:25)

Sinclair Reloading Series Part 2: Introduction to Reloading Safety (1:36)

Cheaper Than Dirt: Leupold – VX 3 Scopes (3:42)

Ruger’s History of the Gun – Part 1: The Hand Cannon (2:48)

Crimson Trace Laser Sights – The Art Of Survival (3:30)

Preview: Colt .22 Tactical M4 Black Rifle Goes Rimfire (0:38)

Preview: Colt .22 Tactical M4 Rimfire Colt Safety & Operation (5:14)


22 Rimfires in Tactical Platforms (4:00) includes ATI MP5-22, ATI AK47-22, ATI AR-22, IFSE MSR 22, and S&W AR-15/22 rifles.

Beretta U22 Neo 22 pistol/carbine combo (0:53 secs)

FN Report (3:02) includes Scar 17 in 308 Win., FN13 grenade launcher, SSR 308 sniper rifle, and Model 192 w/150-rd. drum magazine

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 and Bodyguard 38 Special (2:08) w/integral Insight laser

Steyr AUG A3 bullpup 223 (1:16)


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