Hunters and Shooters Fear Incoming Administration Will Make Firearms Purchases More Difficult


By a large majority, hunters and shooters feel that the coming changes in Washington D.C. will make it more difficult for them to purchase firearms, according to a recent poll.

When asked to define their expectations regarding the new administration and Congress, 80% of respondents said they expect it will become more difficult for them to purchase firearms. Fewer than 1% said they expect purchasing firearms will become less difficult, while 16% said they expect their firearms purchasing ability will remain the same.

Slightly fewer than 4% of respondents said that they don’t know or have no opinion.

“These results show that most hunters and target shooters expect changes resulting from the 2008 elections will make it more difficult for them to buy guns,” commented survey author Rob Southwick of Southwick Associates. “Increases in firearm sales since the November election are also a strong indicator of such sentiment.”

The online survey was conducted in December 2008.

Source: Launched in 2006, and help the firearms and outdoor equipment industries, government officials, and conservation organizations track consumer activities and expenditure trends.


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