A Rossi Is Still A Rossi


Until recently, Interarms distributed and serviced all Rossi firearms sold in the United States and Canada. According to some sources, the reason they no longer hold the contract was due to a total management change at Rossi. According to others, it was Rossi’s serious debt and need for money. For whatever reason, the contract with Interarms was not renewed.

Around November of 1997, Rossi entered into negotiations and reached an agreement with Taurus of Brazil. Contrary to rumor, Taurus did not buy Rossi. The company continues as a manufacturer and marketer of long guns. What Taurus purchased was an undisclosed, but reportedly large, amount of Rossi’s machinery to expand its South American manufacturing facility. As a result, Taurus will begin production of all Rossi handguns in the second quarter of this year.

Also evolved from the contract is a new entity: Braz-Tech International LLP. Based in Miami, Braz-Tech will distribute Rossi’s full line of firearms in the U.S. and Canada and provide service under the terms of an unlimited lifetime warranty. Firearms made by Rossi that remain inventoried with and sold by Interarms will be serviced by Interarms. Or, so we understand.

How can you tell whether you’re purchasing a Braz-Tech Rossi or an Interarms Rossi? If it has been imported by Braz-Tech, it will say so on the gun. In addition, all Rossi revolvers distributed by Braz-Tech will be fitted with the Taurus security system — a lock on the rear of the hammer. If and when semiautomatic pistols are added to Rossi’s line, Gun Tests has been informed they will not be Taurus clones.

S&W Says airweights rated for +p ammunition
Smith & Wesson says its current production .38 Special Airweight revolvers are now rated for +P ammunition, the loads popular for law enforcement and self-defense use. The company said the ammunition compatibility update covers its Model 37, 38, 442, 637, 642 and 642 Ladysmith in the Chiefs Special, Bodyguard and Centennial configurations. All were tested with +P loads that meet SAAMI pressure specifications “to assure owners that current production Airweight models will safely deliver maximum performance,” the company said.

“The same technology that made it possible to produce the .357 Magnum version of the J-frames has also made this possible,” said marketing director Kurt Hindle. “Our continuing investment in manufacturing technology and training has resulted in an increased level of performance of our products and offers our customers added value.”

Nosler, Winchester Alliance Creates New Brand
A strategic alliance between bullet manufacturer Nosler, Inc. and ammunition manufacturer Olin-Winchester has developed a new line of high performance bullets for handloaders.

The line will be marketed under the “Combined Technology” brand. The products, called Supreme Hunting Bullets, are available in Ballistic Silvertip, Fail Safe and Partition configurations and a variety of calibers. Nosler is handling sales and marketing for the new brand from its Bend, Oregon headquarters.


  1. A Rossi is still a Rossi, eh!
    Rossi contacted me on March 9th leaving a message to contact them regarding my Rossi pistol which I sent to them months ago, as requested, for repair, I guess.
    The text message of March 9th 2020 instructed me to contact them at one specific phone number and to inform them that my number is #722358.
    However, a recording tells me nobody will answer because the calls are backed up
    Twenty some days have gone by and I get the same message.
    Will some responsible person please call and or get me the information about my pistol?
    Phone # 509 730 3896.


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