Downrange: 08/02


LOCKED AND UNLOADED. Knight-Ridder newspapers have reported that armed National Guard troopers deployed to airports for security following September 11 did not always carry ammunition in their pistols or M16 rifles, though they may have had access to magazines loaded with live rounds. National Guardsmen called up for security remained under the control of their states governor, who determined policy on firearms. According to Guardsmen who served at Philadelphias airport for seven months following the terrorist attacks, the armed soldiers at 16 airports around Pennsylvania were forbidden from patrolling with loaded firearms. The newspapers report that New York Guardsmen were also required to keep empty magazines in their rifles and pistols. At twelve other states, patrolling Guardsmen were reported to be carrying live ammunition in magazines inserted in their firearms. Inquiries of New Jerseys National Guard and five other states went unanswered for security reasons.


CMP STATUS. Christine Elder at the Civilian Marksmanship Program writes, We wish to thank all of our customers for the orders placed during the past two months. In addition to the large amount of orders for the M1903 and M1903A3 rifles, there has also been a sharp increase in orders for the other rifles and receivers we offer. As a result of this demand, we have completely sold out of several models. Included in the sold-out models are Mossberg M44s, M1903 Rock Island Low Serial Number w/C Stock, and M1903A3 Remingtons w/C Stock. Danish M1 Garands with VAR Barrels and Springfield Armory Grade A stripped receivers are still available. All Grade B Stripped Receivers are on backorder. Winchester and International Harvester M1 Garands in all grades are on backorder, she said. Waiting time for orders received now will be a minimum of 12 months.


SAF T LOK FILES CHAPTER 7. Saf T Lok Inc. (stock symbol LOCK), maker of handgun safety locks, has filed for bankruptcy. In its 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Saf T Lock listed total assets of $225,066 at March 31, with only $142 of that as cash. Liabilities total about $1.4 million.


MASSACHUSETTS PONDERS HANDGUNS RULES CHANGE. State Rep. George N. Peterson Jr. (R-Grafton) and Sen. Guy W. Glodis (D-Auburn) are co-sponsoring a bill to give the Legislature the power to review consumer protection regulations proposed by the attorney generals office, effectively removing rulemaking from the hands of Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly, whom they accuse of improperly using his regulatory authority to restrict handguns. In 2000, cumbersome restrictions were placed on manufacturers that inhibited them from selling many firearms models in Massachusetts. Said Peterson, one of the Legislatures supporters of gun owners rights, Clearly hes overstepped his authority.

-Todd Woodard


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