Firing Line: 01/05


Made in America
Re Short Shots, November 2004:

Thanks for the mention of SIGs DHS contract on page 5. However, I am a little concerned about the impertinent question. Is Gun Tests magazine implying that the pistols are not made in the U.S.? Because if that is so, thats news to us. As you can see from the press release and the article in the local paper, we are building the guns here in Exeter, New Hampshire, which, if nothing has changed since the last time I looked, is located in America. We explained in the release that we increased our production capacity by 25 percent with a very large investment in new equipment – six Okuma CNC machines to be exact.

If your impertinent question does indeed suggest we dont make the guns here, then SIGARMS would like to request you correct that point in your next issue. We do indeed make guns in Exeter, and we would not want your readers to think that the U.S. Government handed out a contract to a company that does nothing more than import firearms from overseas, as some of our competition does. We do import Blaser and Sauer rifles, but for several years now we have been building SIG SAUER pistols stateside. In fact, we have even supplied major components to SAUER in Germany.

One other item Id like to point out while I have your attention, our company name is SIGARMS, not SIG Arms. When the company was sold by SIG (Swiss Industrial Group), the SIG Arms oval logo/trademark went with it. The company name should be written either SIGARMS or Sigarms.

If you should have any questions about our manufacturing capabilities, please let me know.

Paul Erhardt
Director of Marketing
Exeter, NH

For the sake of readability, we lowercase the companys name as Sig or Sigarms. -Todd Woodard


Colt SAA Dealer
Re Cowboy .45 LC Revolvers: We Dub Cabelas A Best Buy, April 2001:

A while back I asked if Gun Tests knew where I could buy a nice Colt SAA 1st generation revolver, and I was pointed to a reputable dealer – who unfortunately died before I could make contact. Im still very interested in purchasing the aforementioned Colt and would like to know if you could point me to another reputable dealer. As you now doubt know, these revolvers are routinely faked and come from a complicated series of production runs. Any assistance you could provide would be very much appreciated. Im not looking for anything with a history, just a nice example of this fine weapon. Id love to buy the one featured in your article on the Colt SAA.

Richard Hutchins
Oakton, VA

We have done some business with Collectors Firearms in Houston, and that store has an assortment of SAAs. Contact them at, or call (877) 214-9327. -Todd Woodard


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