Firing Line 05/99


Slow Burning Powder Test
I have just finished reading the slow burning rifle powder test (January 1999) more than once, and I cannot find any reference to the specific cartridge being tested. I would conclude from the loading data and projectiles that the cartridge is 7mm Rem. Mag. Is this correct?

James B. Lewis

Since we were dealing with powders and how they respond—in what might be unsafe loads if duplicated—we deliberately left out any reference to the cartridge and bullet used to prevent the data from being used as actual loads. If you don’t have a pressure transducer, we suggest you start with a good handloading manual and work up from there very carefully.

We wish to correct some inconsistencies that appeared in our February article on inexpensive carry arms (“Bad Guns, Bad Guns: What You Gonna Do When They Fail on You?”).

We have learned since this piece was published that we were given incorrect information regarding the warranty period on the Hi-Point Model C 9mm. Our specifications box indicated the Model C carries a 90-day warranty, but in fact the Hi-Point Model C carries an unlimited lifetime warranty.

We were also given incorrect information regarding the weight of the Hi-Point. It weighs 34 ounces, not 29 as we reported.

Also, the frame and slide on the Jennings Model 46 .380 auto and the F&L Model 102 .38 revolver’s frame were made of zinc.


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