Firing Line: 06/06


Re A Trio of Pocket .380 ACPs:
Steer Clear of NAAs Guardian, April 2006:

When you tested a new PPK, you had fail-to-fire problems in the double-action mode. Has S&W fixed the problem, and is this a one-gun problem, or is it occurring in the entire PPK line?


Readers will recall we had trouble with the fine little .380 Walther PPK, now made by S&W. Our test gun failed repeatedly to fire in the double-action mode. We sent the gun back to have the problem looked into, and got it back in short order. The redone gun no longer fails in any way. The gun has now fired many rounds of a variety of ammunition in the DA mode, with zero failures to fire. A phone call to S&W luckily got us the actual person who worked on our gun. He told us he installed a slightly longer hammer spring from a PPK/S. He also indicated that no other guns had come back for the same problem. We could not detect any noticeable difference in cocking effort on the modified pistol, but our electronic Lyman trigger gauge indicated about a pound more force was needed to cock the hammer. We urge you to test your PPK thoroughly in the DA mode to make sure it works. -Ray Ordorica


Re Low-Cost 9mms: Hi-Points C9
Vs. Bersas 18-Shot Thunder 9, May 2005:

Im glad to see Hi-Point putting out better-quality products now. I agree that they are ugly, sturdy, and reliable with the correct ammunition. I owned an older Hi-Point 9mm a few years back.That pistol kept me packing revolvers until two years ago. Im glad to see that their product line is improving.

David Everett
Sedro Woolley, Washington


Re A Brace of Full-Size .22 Autos:
We Would Buy The Wolverine, May 2006:

Too bad this article didnt come out last summer. I purchased a Mosquito last July, and mine wouldnt extract 70 percent of the time. Sig had it picked up 12-27-05. I called them 2-1-06 to check on the status, reply was pistol was to be replaced. Sig didnt have any in stock. Called back 3-1-06, reply was had a computer glitch, pistol would be sent right out. Called back 4-1-06, started to get some results, finally received the replacement 4-18-06. It works better. Sig has a problem with calling customers back.

Jack Frost
Brattleboro, Vermont


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