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A Bigger Stick: We Test AR-15s In 6.8 SPC from BRC and LWRCI

A Bigger Stick: We Test AR-15s In 6.8 SPC from BRC and LWRCI
Top: The BR4 Odin preferred the SSA 115-grain loads. Bottom: The M6A2 liked the SSA 85-grain frangibles best. Hornadys load disappointed in both.

Throughout American history, citizens have adopted the military arms of the nation for civilian use. Today, the military-based semi-auto AR-15 platform is showing the genius of Eugene Stoner by being adopted for a multitude of uses, in particular as a hunting round for medium-sized big game. One cartridge particularly suited to this role is Remington’s 6.8 SPC, an intermediate cartridge originally developed by the U.S. Army’s Marksmanship Unit and Special Forces personnel to provide more power and penetration than the standard 5.56 NATO round, while maintaining compatibility with the AR-15 platform. The 6.8 SPC round, topped with appropriate hunting bullets, is currently being used in the field to harvest deer, hogs, and other large game. Thus, our interest in testing two very different rifles chambered in this cartridge, the LWRCI M6A2 and the Battle Rifle Company M4 Odin.

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