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Hot New Pistols from Kimber And Browning Shoot It Out

Hot New Pistols from Kimber And Browning Shoot It Out
The Browning 1911-380, right, isnt a large gun, except when it is compared to the Kimber Advocate.

In this test, our shooters found out that both sidearms work well, and that the Kimber is a very good pocket pistol to boot. The Browning will not fit in an average pocket, and that makes its place in the scheme of personal-defense carry guns problematic. Here are more of our insights on these two handguns:

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A Pair of Collectible Long-Barrel 22 Magnums from S&W, Colt

In 1959 Winchester unveiled its latest brainchild, the 22 WMR cartridge. The debut of the new rimfire excited shooters since it pushed a 40-grain bullet at a velocity of 2,000 fps. A similarly size 40-grain bullet from a 22 LR at the time had a velocity of about 1,200 fps. With... Read More

How About a Krag-Jorgensen?

The Krag-Jorgensen rifle was invented by Capt. Ole Krag and Erik Jorgensen in Norway in the late 1800s. Denmark adopted the design first, in 1889, preceding Norway’s acceptance of it in 1894. The Danes had it chambered for the 8x58R cartridge and used it until at least... Read More

Springfield 9mm 1911s: Loaded Versus Range Officer Showdown

There are many good reasons for purchasing a 1911 in the non-traditional 9mm Luger cartridge. Compared to 45 ACP, 38 Super, and 10mm, 9mm Luger ammunition is less expensive and easy to come by. Also, the 9mm is only improved when fired from the 1911, with that platform’s... Read More