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A Quartet of Pocket Pistols from SIG Sauer, Glock, Kahr, and Colt

A Quartet of Pocket Pistols from SIG Sauer, Glock, Kahr, and Colt

Many concealed-carry customers pooh-pooh pistols chambered in 380 ACP as being underpowered for self defense, but they may well be in the vocal minority, because sales of 380-chambered handguns and ammunition continues apace, with more of the smallish sidearms finding their way into pockets and purses than ever before. It can be argued, in fact, that Glock kept seeing its rivals sell so many inexpensive-to-make pocket pistols that the Austrians were forced into the U.S. 380 ACP market with the G42 just so they could grab a slice of the ever-growing pocket-pistol pie.

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Two Old Surplus Mausers: Swedish vs. Brazilian Bolt Guns

Older Mauser rifles are getting scarce. We used to be able to pick them up for a song, well under $100 in recent memory, but no more. Our Idaho test team recently had a chance to examine and shoot two old surplus Mauser rifles in standard military configuration, one a Swede M38... Read More

9mms: New Beretta 92 Compact Versus Used SIG Sauer P228

Two pistol makers that have knocked heads in police and military competitions for more than 30 years are SIG Sauer and Beretta. The Beretta 92 and the SIG P226 engaged in a hotly contested and much debated U.S. Military trial. After the dust settled, Beretta won that lucrative... Read More

Big-Bore Snubnose Revolvers In 44 Magnum and 41 Magnum

To make an S&W N-Frame revolver into a compact carry gun means reducing the revolver’s barrel length and grip. What’s left is still a large frame and cylinder that holds six cartridges. It is big metal, compared to an S&W J-frame, Ruger, or Taurus compact revolver... Read More