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Two Great Makers Shoot It Out: Remington Versus Colt 45 ACPs

Two Great Makers Shoot It Out: Remington Versus Colt 45 ACPs
We liked both the Remington R1 Commander, and the Colt Commander XSE O4012XSE in stainless, and we realize many of our readers would be happy with either one. The Remington gave good overall performance and is worth the money. But the more expensive Colt simply performed better. We do not downplay the difference in price. It is significant and the end user must weigh the costs. Arguably, each of the two makers got it right with these Commander handguns, and the consumer must decide.

While the debate continues on about which firearm is the best combat handgun, the 1911 remains in the running, and, according to some, it stays at the top of the heap. The 1911 has many applications including target practice, competition, and self defense, of course.

Simple pride of ownership is never a bad reason to own a handgun, but personal defense remains the defining characteristic of the 1911 handgun. For many, the 1911 represents the best choice for repelling boarders or facing members of the criminal class.

For this task, the pistol has good features, including speed to an accurate first shot that is virtually unequaled, reliability, and accuracy. Also, the 1911 is thin enough for concealed carry. The problem is a full-size gun’s profile and weight. The 1911 can be concealed effectively with proper holster selection, that isn’t the question. The question is the comfort level the individual is willing to accept. For many of us, the steel-frame Commander with its ¾-inch-shorter slide and barrel solves the problem. The Commander pistol is less likely to pinch the bottom when seated, and it is faster from the draw as well. Here's what we found:

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