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More Tactical Pump Shotguns: Tristar and Mossberg Compete

More Tactical Pump Shotguns: Tristar and Mossberg Compete
The empty Mossberg Model 590 pumpgun weighed right at 7.5 pounds empty. Our shooters said that heft was acceptable, although the shotgun was muzzle heavy even when empty, they said. Contributing Editor Ralph Winingham reported that the textured pistol grip and short, ridged forearm did not provide as good or as comfortable a hold as we would have liked.

There are times when a potential owner of a reliable self-defense shotgun might want to spend a little more money on upgraded features for the sake of comfort or convenience, so we ventured into the world of extra bells and whistles in this test of two higher-end tactical self-defense shotguns. This is the second part of a four-pack of pumps our team put through their paces. For this test we picked a pair of self-defense firearms in the $700 to $775 MSRP range to see how they would stand up to a thorough examination on the shooting range. The 12-gauge shotguns selected for this review were a Mossberg Model 590 Magpul with an adjustable stock listing for $773, and a Tristar TEC-12 capable of either pump action or semiautomatic fire that retails for $689. Both retail for around $500.

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