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Two New 9mm Compacts from Glock and Walther Square Off

Two New 9mm Compacts from Glock and Walther Square Off
The Walther is clearly larger, even though the slides are about the same size.

The compact 9mm pistol market is hot, and two of the newer additions to the marketplace are the Glock 43 Subcompact Slimline G43 PI4350201, $499, and the Walther Concealed Carry Pistol CCP 5080300, $452. The Glock is a long-awaited single-stack version of the other Glock pistols, but we found the G43 to be a re-engineered pistol that isn’t simply a single-stack Glock 26. The frame design is a good one for personal defense if you need a pistol this size. The Walther CCP is a bit larger, so it holds two more cartridges and proved more accurate. The Walther also featured a light rail. So, in our view, we had two pistols that fit the same niche for concealed carry, but we wondered how the size and capacity issues would strike our testers.

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Replacement AR-15 Triggers From Ruger, HiperFire, and Rise

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