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SxS 20-Gauge Showdown: CZ-USA and SIACE Shoot It Out

SxS 20-Gauge Showdown: CZ-USA and SIACE Shoot It Out
Pitting two side-by-sides against each other on a dove hunt provided an excellent opportunity to examine the handling ability and knock-down consistency of old-style versus new-style shotguns, with the hammerless CZ, top, edging out the double-hammer gun from SIACE of Italy. Seldom seen in shooters hands today but fondly remembered, side-by-side shotguns are wielded by a select few scattergun enthusiasts in the field and on clay target ranges across the country. While their popularity has waned, the double guns do have an aura of nostalgia about them like no other smoke pole.

Every once in awhile, veteran shotgun enthusiasts might think back to the old days when hunting and target shooting proceeded at a slower pace, with a little more emphasis on fine form. Not that there is anything wrong with the quality over and under, semi-automatic, or pump-action shotguns on today’s market, but in many minds, the old side-by-sides just give off an image of a little more class. A lot of today’s veteran hunters started their shooting careers with an old double barrel handed down to them by their father or grandfather. Unfortunately, many of those old side-by-sides kicked like a mule and had so much drop in the stock that the shooter really had to work at obtaining a proper sight picture to hit anything. Read More

Polymer-Frame 9mm Shoot Out: P320 Versus PPQ M2 Vs. VP9

During the past few months, SIG Sauer, Walther, and Heckler & Koch have introduced pistols that feature striker-fired actions. These handguns are designed to compete for the hearts and minds of institutional buyers and concealed-carry-permit holsters as well. The improvement in... Read More

Are Used 357 Mags from Colt, S&W, and FN Worth the Money?

The 357 Magnum has an excellent reputation as a defensive round. On medium-sized game like whitetail deer at modest distances, it is effective as well. The round has been around since 1934; General George Patton carried an ivory-handled S&W 357 Mag during WWII. It is a versatile... Read More

Mitchell’s Mauser

Our first look at the Mitchell Mauser gave us hope that here we had an essentially new 98 Mauser to play with. The bore, finish, wood and all the stuff that came with it looked new, except that some of the accessories showed some age marks. This version came with a fancy... Read More

JOX Loader Pouch Test

Many Americans choose a revolver as their concealed-carry handguns. Most carry a snubnose revolver; a few carry a 4-inch barrel 357 Magnum like those tested elsewhere in this issue. Their faith in the revolver is understandable. Our raters observe that criminals often run in... Read More