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Used 9mm Pistols: Bersa’s UC Thunder Pro Versus S&W’s 908

Used 9mm Pistols: Bersa’s UC Thunder Pro Versus S&W’s 908
The Bersa featured a lower bore axis that allowed the handgun to sit lower in the hand, limiting muzzle flip. Compact, reliable, and accurate, there is little not to like about the Bersa.

When it comes to personal defense, handgun owners have many strong preferences — cultural, generational, or even institutional. Former peace officers may prefer a pistol similar to the service gun they carried at work, and soldiers often choose a Beretta because they got used to feel of an M9. One of these preferences is for a double-action first-shot handgun, which some Gun Tests readers have mentioned in comments to the editor. While personal preferences are important and heft and feel mean a lot in concealed carry, the subjective cannot outweigh objective features. The handgun must exhibit good reliability, safe operation, and practical accuracy.

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Convertible Flattops: Lipsey’s Blackhawk and New Frontier

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Tactical Pump Shotguns: CZ-USA HC Versus Weatherby

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