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New 380 ACPs: Ruger’s LCP-C And Taurus Curve Shoot It Out

New 380 ACPs: Ruger’s LCP-C And Taurus Curve Shoot It Out
The Taurus Curve, bottom, and Rugers LCP-C Custom, top, represent, respectively, one fresh new idea and an improvement of an existing handgun. The Taurus Curve is innovative, but any standard of personal defense must include practical accuracy, and our shooters found the Taurus to be a hard pistol to shoot well. The Ruger LCP-C has already proven to be a success, and the newest version, the LCP-C Custom with improved sights and vastly improved trigger action, is easily the better choice in this shoot out, in our opinion.

New 380 ACP pistols are probably responsible for the ammunition shortage in 380 ACP — our friends at the gun shops tell us that these pistols are selling fast, and with every sale, customers purchase two to four boxes of ammunition. This time, we look at the breakthrough design of the Taurus Curve, so named because its handle is made to curve and conform to the body, as long as you are right handed. Ruger has offered a number of limited editions of the LCP in the past, but for the most part, they were simply a different finish or displayed some type of logo. The new LCP Custom pistol, however, features a vastly improved trigger similar to the RTK Sweet Pea triggers many of us added to the original LCP, and the design is considerably different as well.

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